Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dark Side

So I went to practice with Bradenton again last night. There were the same ladies from SRG there that made is last Monday. I'm kind of warming up to the Bradenton workouts. They are longer. They have several facets to them. They kick my ass! I realized last night that I have been missing my therapy of hitting, sweating, and skating. Only thing I was disappointed in was I was the only SRG to stay the whole 2 hours. Most of the ladies gave up after an hour and a half! (Our practices were an hour and fifteen minutes.) All the upheaval with my team has really been upsetting. The latest has been an email from our home rink saying they no longer wish to host us. Um.... baby say what? No rink = no bouts. No bouts = no team. Sigh. Just in case, I spoke to Yakuza Girl last night about what I'd need to do to cross over to the dark side. It wouldn't be permanent, just till SRG gets it's feet back on the ground. I have said it before and I'll say it again.... I just want to skate, so who ever I have to throw money at to do this I will! Of course, once the Bradenton ladies found out I live 2 miles from the rink, I heard jokes about "See ya next season!". Ha ha..... at least I'll be wanted!


Yakuza said...

Yes, yes, my child. Come to the dark side of the force (all creepy with long fingernails beckoning you towards us with a hypnotic glare). Mwa hahahaha!

Blondefabulous said...

Yakuza: Do you have cookies? Gluten free cookies?? I'd totally be down for that!