Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dark Side

So I went to practice with Bradenton again last night. There were the same ladies from SRG there that made is last Monday. I'm kind of warming up to the Bradenton workouts. They are longer. They have several facets to them. They kick my ass! I realized last night that I have been missing my therapy of hitting, sweating, and skating. Only thing I was disappointed in was I was the only SRG to stay the whole 2 hours. Most of the ladies gave up after an hour and a half! (Our practices were an hour and fifteen minutes.) All the upheaval with my team has really been upsetting. The latest has been an email from our home rink saying they no longer wish to host us. Um.... baby say what? No rink = no bouts. No bouts = no team. Sigh. Just in case, I spoke to Yakuza Girl last night about what I'd need to do to cross over to the dark side. It wouldn't be permanent, just till SRG gets it's feet back on the ground. I have said it before and I'll say it again.... I just want to skate, so who ever I have to throw money at to do this I will! Of course, once the Bradenton ladies found out I live 2 miles from the rink, I heard jokes about "See ya next season!". Ha ha..... at least I'll be wanted!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Spent today doing laundry, chores, and playing with the kids. Playing with the kids was the best. In a small homage to my own childhood, I put on a bikini and we went out and turned on the sprinkler. Yes people, I did just say me & bikini in the same sentence! Amazing, I know. And I'm no anorexic model either. I have boobs that refuse to sit in a regular bikini top. I have a black tank that I use, I just fold it under so it doesn't cover my tummy. Anywho, we were out there for a bit when Rebecca suggested "Lets get the slip n slide." So we got the slip and slide. I took video, and NO I did not go down the slip and slide. Sorry.

So that's basically what we're doing this weekend. What you all got going on?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What To Do?

I want one day...... ONE DAY..... where everything goes right.

I want everyone who is supposed to come to work to actually show up to work.

I want clients to actually let us do our jobs the way we're supposed to.

I want my employees to stop asking me "Why am I not making money?"

I want to be there for my family again.

I want to actually like my job.

I want to want to go to work again.

I want people to stop giving me bullshit excuses for why I can't depend on them any more.

I want to have fun again.

Unfortunately, I will have to step down from my job to have these things. The ladies don't respect me anymore. I can't do the job I was hired for because the ladies are always calling out and I have to go clean houses all day, which, by itself is OK with me, but when I am out cleaning for 7 hours a day, THEN I have to come back to the office and do the office work also? Uh-uh. I officially would like to say I am BURNT OUT! I tried so hard to make it work, but if I can't get support from the very people depending on me for a paycheck....... so sorry. I don't even care any more. I care about my clients, but all the other BS? Nope. Not even a whimper.

So I have committed to this step down for my sanity. What have you all been doing lately?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On The Wild Side.

Yesterday, I went and practiced with Bradentucky for roller derby. Our team is in flux, as I have said before, and right now we are basically starting over. All of last year, business wise, is kaput and we are having to renegotiate all of our contracts, like the one for our rink space and time. Since nothing is negotiated, we have no where to go and skate right now.

Enter Bradenton.

I was personally invited by a Bradenton skater to come and practice with them. OK, it was by the mom of one of Rebecca's classmates who skates for Bradenton, but I was still invited. When the skaters in Bradenton found out we were in a bind, they put out the invite for us to come skate with them.

So I did.

Last night, myself, and a few other skaters from SRG went over and skated with Bradenton. From the start, you could tell that they are a team that knows what they're doing. They had calisthenics, warm up drills, and endurance circuits! They had enough people to do a really great scrimmage. They had the experience it took and I was trying to take it all in! Holy crap! It was a lot to take in! Their style was totally different than the way we had been practicing. They even got me to jam for one time around! (The last time I jammed, I got the concussion, remember???) Anywho, I don't know if it was the pushing myself after two weeks of no practice or what but I am S-O-R-E! Mostly my left quad and inside thigh, but yeah..... hurts like hell! I am mainlining Tylenol and caffeine so it will work faster. I don't want to say it, but if worst comes to worst, I can always try out for the Bombers. I do live over here after all.

The interesting part of the night was when Malice In Rollerland remembered my name. And I wasn't even wearing my shirt with my skate name on the back! (They had told us to wear red, white, or black.)I must not be too forgettable. Oh well, time to watch a little derby 101 on YouTube and then hit the hay.

I gotta start rollin'.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm in pain in places I didn't even know I had.Holy shit!

I gotta work out more.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brand New Day

I am going to start this week anew.

I will not dwell in the past weeks where everything has gone wrong.

Tomorrow will start fresh.

I will work on finding employees who will come to work.

I will reward those who do come to work and do their job.

I will keep looking forward.

I will say this enough times that I will believe it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have made the decision to go on a road trip! Till SRG works their business out, I'm gonna skate as much as I can, watch as much derby on YouTube as I can, and go to as many bouts as I can to get knowledge. This one caught my eye. It's the Orlando League, but with a twist. They say they are Florida's only "Old School" derby league. I have no idea what that means! So I Googled that shit, as one blogger is wont to say. What I found was this:

"OSDA is very proud to follow the example of Leo Seltzer who created and developed the only sports program that allows men and women to compete by the same rules on the same track."

I think that sounds pretty damn awesome! Teams can choose banked or flat tracks. Have co-ed teams, and most importantly, work with stars from the past to make the sport of roller derby even more awesome for the future!

So now I am planning to be in Orlando on September 12th for a triple header of tradition and hard hits!

Who wants to go with?!?

Friday, August 20, 2010

? ! :) )
? tips because I do such a great job. I take great pride in my work. If only everyone we employ would.....

(mommielicious- I'm not including you in this

? 't even show up for the clients we have now?!?

So I am tired. So tired. I really just want to go back to cleaning. I'm good at it. Today I made $15 in

? ient because of this nonsense..... I can't go get new work if I'm cleaning for 8 hours every day, and really, why would I go do that when these girls can
? tarts MONDAY! I called my boss this morning and tried to quit. She said no. I feel like the employees no longer respect me, and when that happens, there
? I have had the worst week ever. I haven't been able to think, blog, or deal with my own family issues, like school shopping, since, ya know..... School s

Sunday, August 15, 2010

People of the Pool.

I know you guys have all seen those sights like "People of Wal-Mart", People of the Park", etc etc ad nauseum..... Well, I got another one we need to add....


Yep. People of the Pool. Where the strange, deranged, and totally inappropriate are trotted out for the world to see. Now, I went to the pool at HHH's work with the kids today while he had some work that needed to get done. While I was there, I saw several people that could have qualified as "People of the Pool" material. People such as.....

  • The Over Tanned Old Man: This guy thinks he is awesome down to the very core of their being. He hits the pool on every sunny, and not so sunny day, soaking up the damaging rays in an attempt to look young and rejuvenated, when in fact, he looks older and creepy.
  • The Hot Chick: This is typically a girl in her late teens to early twenties, wearing little more than a couple band aids held together by dental floss. She slinks up to the most visible part of the pool, sets up her pool float, and suns for about 1 hour, or until she gets a call about something more pressing she has to be scantily clad at.
  • The Two Old Friends: These ladies are middle aged, divorced, and beginning life anew together, kinda like Thelma & Louise. They will loudly discuss politics, religion, and sex, no matter who is around them, be it families with kids, people who really don't care, or people who don't wanna know. If you child comes up to you at the pool and asks "Mommy, what's a Yielding Vine position?", then they got a little too close to the Two Old Friends.
  • The Anti- Social Moms: These ladies take their kids to the pool and then let them run hog wild on everyone else. Splashing, screaming, running, knocking shit over..... yeah they don't care what their precious little darlings do. As far as they're concerned, those atrocious crotch spawn of doubtful heritage can do no wrong and if you dare even glare at them when you get monsooned on by a splash fight the little brats are having, well.... be prepared for a screaming match. These ladies travel in pairs or trios, with two to three kids each, making this a very annoying hurdle to a relaxing pool day.
I saw all of these and more, but then HHH was done working, and we left to go home, which was probably good because we forgot our sun screen. I do have to say that my children were complimented by a few others at the pool who said how well behaved they were. Yes, I believe in discipline and manners, no matter where we are and I teach my kids respect for themselves and others. Of course, I could just as easily end up on "People of the Pool" myself.... I happened to look down at my legs as I was sunning and I noticed that my right leg is wildly more defined muscularly than my left. It's the skating. So I guess I'd fall under the "Weird 1/2 Muscled Woman" title. Guess I need to start skating the other direction more!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'mma gonna sleep in today. Come back later!


After an extremely shitty week, nothing is better than getting together for dinner with friends who really "get" you. Also good is meeting new friends also. When those friends are the parents of friends... well, then you get stories about funny happenings in Iowa!!! Last night was the best way I could've ended this week. Food, friends, and fun. Lord knows I needed it!

(lord also knows I need to remember my camera so I can take better pictures!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I never expected to love a rabbit.

They're small.
They're skittish.
They chew.

Then Mr. Bun came along. Thin, mistreated, abandoned.

He didn't trust us. He ran away from us when we tried to pet him, so we stopped trying. He worried over his food bowl, so we kept it full. He fretted next to his water bottle, so we kept it filled with fresh water.

Days passed. We let him have more than the recommended 2 hours of hop time outside the cage. We gave him a roll of toilet paper to play with. He was in heaven! Slowly, ever so slowly, he began to warm up to us. HHH can pick him up now. When I come home in the evening, I fill his food bowl, check his water, and open his cage up and he will take his favorite crunchy treat from my hand. I was just in the bedroom, sitting on the floor and he hopped right up to me and let me pet him out of the cage... no barriers holding him in.... escape at the ready if he so felt like it......

He stayed.

I have often thought that I am a sincerely flawed human being. I had a nervous breakdown Thursday morning at work. Full on crying mess right at my desk. I have had many failures in my life, but the fact that this little little ball of fluff has decided I'm okay somehow makes it better.

Apparently, Mr.Bun has decided to take a chance on me. I will endeavor not to let him and his trust down.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Don't you just hate it when you're 20 minutes in to a promising hour of sex with your significant other and all of a sudden his on-call phone rings with a pressing problem that can't be put off?

Yeah.... me too!

(grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble.......)

Monday, August 9, 2010


  • Today sucked ass. It sucked really sweaty, rancid ass. It just follows up the ass sucking weekend I had just pass. You know, where I was tweeting all weekend that I came down with the stomach flu on Saturday at 4am, and couldn't stop puking long enough to make the last bout of the SRG season?? Yeah... that.
  • So I had one employee call in with "car trouble" and another just not even show this morning. That added to the employee that quit on Friday and I was up shit creek without a paddle. I had to reschedule the bitchy touchy feely client and she was oh so happy about that. <--- sarcasm. Sigh....
  • I haven't gotten any decent applications for the opening we have. I either get people who aren't legal to work here in the US, or somone who has experience in other arenas... like bartending or landscaping. WTF??
  • I need a hair cut. Bad.
  • HHH is the bestest for taking care of me this weekend while I was incapacitated. He got me soup, let me sleep, heped me walk when I needed to, and let me veg to absolutely idiot TV. Love that man.
  • The Derby season is over. I still feel shitty I missed it, puking or not. I hate not being able to fulfill obligations. It fucks with my head.
  • Mommielicious is doing absolutely awesome at the green cleaning company! I have now fast tracked her to team lead management!! More $$ and more responsibility. I won't make the same mistake the grocery store did on her and let her get away!!!!
  • I am going to bed now.This is gonna be a looooooong week.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Headboard!

So.... this was what I decided to get from CSN Stores this time around. My daughter, who was finally getting a room of her own, needed a head board for her bed. I went to the CSN website and got this lovely little twin headboard.
She picked the Badger Basket Twin Headboard in cherry finish. She liked it because it had the two insets at the top that she can draw on with a dry erase marker. We also saw that if she wanted, it was part of a larger system of bedding and furniture, so later we could add to the bedroom.
Today's drawing du jour was a ninja! And we all know, everything is better with ninjas! At first, I was worried about the headboard and if it would stand up to a 13 year old teenager, (The box it came in was only 10 lbs!)but I have to say that, after a month, it has done really well. It hasn't broken, fallen apart, or disintegrated!
So, as you can see, she is really enjoying her headboard. I thought it was a little dark for the room, but she is enjoying changing the white boards every other day. I have to say at $38.95 it was a bargain as well. Even if she had torn it up in the month she had it, I could afford to get another one as well! Thanks CSN for helping a teen find a great piece of furniture!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm sick. Puking, fever, chills, listless, horrible sick.

I was supposed to skate the final home bout tonight. We were on TV and in the news paper.... I got mentioned! I feel like such a loser now. My team needs me and I can't perform.

Ugh! FML!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I hate it when people stir up shit. I really do. I really hate it when this stirring of shit involves me in some way. I have enough drama in my life. I have two kids who are type one insulin dependant diabetics. I have a husband who has a hard time keeping a job because in this economy, last hired is first fired. I have a job that takes up a shitload of my time every day, sometimes into the weekend. My family has been homeless twice. My husband almost had a heart attack at 31. I can go on and on and on......

Now we have shit being stirred up at derby.

And don't get me wrong, everyone has growing pains when you start a new sports team. You see it all the time. There are issues that need to be dealt with, both financial, physical, and mental. By joining this sports team, I took on my share of those issues, like paying my dues every month, making sure I have all the right equipment, and getting my head in the game both at practice and in the bouts. This is my therapy, my exercise, and the thing I do for myself, because a life lived only for others, however wonderful it may seem, is a life that is missing a little something. The other day SRG had a few reporters from the Herald-Tribune at practice. This was announced before hand in a group email sent to us all. We knew people were there to take pictures and write up a little something about us because there is a bout on 8/7. After the obligatory warm ups and laps, we did our yoga stretches and brought it in for a pre practice pow wow.

That's where the shit hit the fan!

Suddenly there was accusations flying, questions being shouted, and tomfoolery being spouted, and try as she might, out fearless leader could not get it through to these people that "HEY THERE IS A REPORTER HERE AND HE IS LISTENING TO ALL THIS SHIT!!!!!!!" I sat back and listened, as is my way, and I thought there were valid points being made, but it was neither the time, nor the place to be making them. Not in front of the reporter, his photographer, AND the little girl and her mom for whom a part of the proceeds of out take will go to. I spoke up about that, and that only. Hashing out your issues is one thing, but hashing them out in front of strangers is a whole other enchilada! That was my only beef with the whole thing. Let's do this somewhere private and between just us members!

Enter the internet.....

There have been emails, and group posts flying around ever since this all went down. It has been all over the map from "So glad someone spoke up." to "OMG she said what??". At one point, it seemed so tense in our Google group that I chimed in with...

"I think it was best said when I heard the phrase, Shut Up And Skate. I'm not here for drama."

I got that from a t-shirt that someone had worn to practice and thought a bit of comedic levity would take the edge off the seriousness everyone seems to have mired themselves in. WRONG O!!!!!

Now I'm the one being attacked. Apparently no one got the joke of quoting T-shirts as a funny thing. It has stopped short of me being called out on my beliefs and what I want from my derby experience, but either way....


Yes, we are going to have a meeting, and even though some may not like it, we are holding that meeting for the practice after Saturday's bout so we can concentrate on the real obstacle, which is Bradenton. After that, let the meetings begin, but lets stay focused on one thing at a time shall we? Change is good. Change is how we evolved into the people we are today. Change will help SRG evolve into a better organization..... but if you are trying to force a change on someone, it just isn't gonna work. I would rather laugh about something to relieve the tension than confront someone and fight about it. That's just who I am.

And just so you know.... When I was in 5th grade at the good ol' Okeechobee 5th & 6th Grade Center in the podunk little town of Okeechobee Florida, there was a day set aside and called "Career Day" where you were supposed to dress up like the career you wanted to do when you grew up. While all of the other kids were dressing up in their parents suits, doctor's scrubs, and military uniforms, I was a lone little girl, dressed in a white shirt and shorts, carrying my skates over my shoulder. When we stood up in class to describe what we wanted to be when we grew up, I proudly announced I wanted to be in the roller derby......

...and was laughed at. At 11 years old.

I'm a proud member of the Sarasota Roller Girls. I'm living my dream.

Who's laughing now?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ke$ha - Take It Off

I seem to be addicted to this song now. Oh well..... I guess there are worse things.....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Losin' It!

I swear to frickin' Jebus if I don't quit forgetting shit I will lose my shit right here!

I forget EVERYTHING! All the freakin' time. I used to think I was a dumb blonde, but apparently it's the Celiac's and how my brain developed when I was growing up that eventually resulted in me being the ditziest blonde on the planet! I have forgotten people, places, appointments, notes, work shit, etc... etc.... etc....... You name it, I forgot/forget it! It's shitty and when I was in college, I even took a course about how to better manage my time and life because apparently my professors and friends thought I was a total idiot and lazy ass! Yep....... Well, let's see what I have to balance in the coming days, shall we? My day will go kinda like this...

5:30am- Get up. Get dressed
6am- Get children up. Dressed. Fed. Shot Up. Equipped.

6:45am- Leave for the day, all kids in tow!
7am- Get 1st child to middle school.
7:15am- Get to elementary school to wait, check email.
7:30am- Kick last two kids out the car and head to work.
7:35am- Get to work, get the girls out the door, deal with any crises.
8am to 2:30pm- Work, work, work!
2:35pm- Pick up middle school kid.
2:50pm- Pickup Elementary kids.
3:10pm- Drop kids off at home and rush back to work.
3:30pm to 6pm- Work, work, work!
6pm- GO HOME!
6:30pm- make dinner, help with homework, get my stuff done.
8pm Tue & Thur- Go to derby practice.
10pm- Come home and shower or just shower.
10:30pm- Go to sleep!!

See? I am gonna be killing myself for the next school year when it all starts up on the 23rd of this month! God help me! Someone help me! I need it! Now add to all that the fact that random facts in my head will suddenly disappear and you get Mom of the Year!(NOT!!!) Sigh......

When will the brain transplant thereapy be done being perfected???

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yup. That's what I did today! Slept till 9:30am, didn't make breakfast, slapped around a pork roast and put it in the crock to cook so I wouldn't have to cook dinner later..... that was my day. HHH went and got 3 movies and we did NADA all damn day!

Best day EVER!