Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is the photo the Natural Awakenings photog took after I had won for Best Green Cleaning Service. I'm thinking I look like a dork, but so far the popular opinion is differing with me.

At least we won!



kapgar said...

Not dorky at all. Just a very proud moment. And big congrats to you!

Finn said...

Dorky? You look beautiful! Red is a perfect color for you.

I wish I could see the whole dress. Where did you end up getting it?

Putz said...

you look lovely blondefab, and yes i still want to work for you

Blondefabulous said...

KAPGAR: Thanks!

FINN: This is actually a dress I got from the Victoria's Secret catalog. First thing I have ever been able to buy from there.

PUTZ: Well, right now I have another blog/Twitter peep working for me, so we are full up.... but should you ever move over here, or if we ever put an office over there, I will be happy to have you!