Wednesday, July 7, 2010

They'll Be Back!

Got an email today at work that was a little disappointing....

Ha client was going to discontinue services.

Now, it's always disappointing when we lose a customer, be it from relocating, unhappiness with our services, financial problems, etc.... it happens. However this was disconcerting because they weren't unhappy or having problems in the pocket or anything like that.

They got a nanny.

This happens a lot. The family will have a new baby and suddenly they get a nanny. Then we get the call or email that..
"Our nanny will be cleaning for us while she watches our 6 week old bundle of joy. Thanks for playing. Don't need you anymore."
And then they will be gone.

But then.......

It happens a month or two later. I get ANOTHER call. This one sounds like....
"Um hi. I'm Mr. So and So. We used to use you guys a few months back and we really need you to come and clean the house. It has really gotten out of hand."

Now, I'd like to adopt a snotty tone and say something like... "So.... you dump us for your prissy sounding NANNY, and when she turns out to be doing HER job of tending your child and not CLEANING your toilets, you expect ME to just drop everything and run over there with a team of cleaners? Well, we shall see if your price is the same or if I jack it up with a little, "Ha ha you suck!" fee!!", but I won't. I haven't the last 5 times it has happened... I won't do it now.
I've had one lady quit because we accidentally left a door unlocked. She literally CUSSED me out on the phone! Said we didn't know how to clean anything and then hung upon me. 3 months later, back begging to be on the schedule. I had another older couple quit because the 98 year old man needed a live in housekeeper/assistant. Yep, back 5 months later. And I have made it a point to be at the return cleans with these people and I make sure to point out the huge ass dust bunnies, clumps of dust, and stains in the kitchen. I mention how the cleaning will cost more because the amount of extra work that has to be done since it wasn't kept up in our forced absence. Then I take their money, schedule them back in our schedule, and go back to business as usual.

It gets annoying, but one thing always remains the same.....

They will always come back!

Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha
(Laughed in a maniacle tone)


Bubblewench said...

Of course they'll be back. You're the best around!

Finn said...

Here's the part I don't get: These people hire someone (you) to clean the house because apparently it's too much work for them to do, then they have a baby or take in their ailing parent and expect that someone who is taking care of a six-month-old or a dependent elderly person will have time to clean when they couldn't handle it BEFORE the baby or elderly parent came on the scene.

Poppy said...

I was horrified to find out that people expected their nannies to tend house as well, but then I thought it through and realized that society expects a mom to be able to do all that, plus hold down a paying job.


Blondefabulous said...

BUBBLEWENCH: Yes! Yes we are!

FINN: Yeah, I think the exact same thing. Who are these people kidding? They were slobs when we were cleaning for them!

POPPY: It's one thing if you expect a Mom to clean and hold a job, but if I hire someone to look after my newborn, that better be their top priority! I don't want my kid crying for food or attention while the nanny has to clean my toilet! Alternately, I don't want a dirty toilet either!

Putz said...

oh, how i would like to clean up all thoses messes you just described>>could i work for you by correspondance/????????