Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's summer.

That time of year people head to the beach, BBQ outside, have summer parties, and generally do a lot of fun things.

It's also when the snowbirds go back north.

We are in our short season here at the cleaning company. I thought I had it covered with the addition of that apartment complex, but something happened where they turned into douche bags. So, now I am without a lot of the work we had been depending on. Bugger! Now I am hearing it from both sides of the desk. The girls are upset that there isn't a lot of work right now, and my boss is upset that the girls are going around my back and emailing her directly about their unhappiness.

What am I supposed to do? Pull jobs out of my ass? If we don't have to work, we don't have the work. This is only temporary, and the snowbirds will return, but right now we have to tough it out.

I guess the thing that really hurts is one of the girls who complained to Boss Lady is someone who I worked at getting a raise for. Initially, Boss Lady had only given her 3 extra days of vacation, (remember, we are a small company.), but I worked at getting her to change that to a raise instead. Now, I have her going to Boss Lady and saying things I really don't want to hear. I do care. I do give a damn. I am trying my hardest to find more work.....

It's just summer.

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