Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Two.

Yeah. I was rocking the derby girl thing at Universal yesterday. It helped me stand out amongst all the little and not so little fan girls wearing Harry Potter stuff. There were tons of people in "I love Harry" shirts, Griffindor colors, and even a few in full Potter robes. Ha...... and speaking of Harry Potter.....
Went to Harry's place first.
It was crowded, but we hit it right as we got to the gates, so we were able to avoid any really long wait times.
It was very true to the movies. The ride itself was exciting. Made you feel like you were right in the action. (I could have done with a little less spider.)

We got that out of the way, then took on the rest of the parks. I was hoping for a better day than Friday. We gave up when it started raining, and went back to the hotel to shower, change and head out to a hopefully bug free dinner. Scored that at Tony Roma's and then back to the hotel because all these freaky tourists can't fucking drive in the rain! Morons. I thought the old people in Sarasota were bad.... heh.

Happy birthday America. I'll be having a Nathan's and fries in your honor, then watch fire works with the fam.

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