Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catch Up

I spent today switching back and forth from office work to cleaning. I started out in the office, fixing up paperwork, returning phone calls, doing deposits.... all the carp I'd normally do if I didn't have a janked up employee quit on me with no notice! And speaking of janked up employees, The girl that made my life miserable on Monday actually called and was asking about her job!! I shit you not!!! I had to tell her that I was over her drama and the disruption of our office every time she had a melt down in her personal life. Do. Not. Want!

I also spent today checking out getting my poster reproduced. After talking to Chad, the guy from Sir Speedy that we use for all our work related stuff, we decided that just copying it wasn't going to work so good. Some of my photos were really dark when it was scanned in to the computer. After a while we came up with the idea for me to email the photos to Sir Speedy so Chad could reproduce the poster from scratch. Also, I took his suggestion of working on the darker photos and lightening them up some so it wasn't all lost in shadows. If I can get a workable poster for me.... I was thinking of making a team one where we could sell them at the bouts for like $5 or something and autograph them for fans after the bout! Merch baby! It's all about the merch!

So that's all. It's almost midnight. I'm tired.

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