Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boss Lady

So, my boss is in town. She'll be here for the next day or so and then she's gone again. I guess I should feel good that she has felt that I am running things well enough that she doesn't have to hover in once a month to check up on me. I pointedly asked her if I was doing a good job and performing up to her expectations and she said I was doing very well. Good. Well, it has been a year now. I better know a little more about what I'm doing. Hell, I'm branching out and going after huge ass clients! (and if I keep telling myself this, I will eventually believe it!) Boss Lady's going to give the girls a pep talk to the girls before they head off to work Friday morning. Maybe she can get them off my back.... maybe.

On a totally unrelated aside, I wore shorts today and grossed everyone out at the office with my bruise! LOL!!! If they saw the progression from yesterday, then they'd really gross out! I have let it be known I broke someone's nose during the bout, and now I seem to be getting a little more respect! Heh.... I guess I should start being a cutthroat bitch at work too! I bet THAT will get them off my back.

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