Monday, July 5, 2010

Back To The Real World.

Well, with the exception of my actual birthday, the weekend was a rousing success. There was also a moment on Saturday morning when my MIL harpooned HHH with some earth shaking news in a really shitty way on Facebook, but after a while we were able to get past it and have a good day on Saturday. Sunday was awesome, and we even hit Universal again on Monday. Glad we had fun because......

It's back to reality.

My 13 year old daughter has been doing naughty things on her cell phone.

Luckily, there haven't been any bad photos or such, but we have a rule in our house. No Social Media Sites EVER! (Until your 18 and can buy your own internet.) She got a cell phone for her 12th birthday, and when I moved on to the iPhone, I gave her my web enabled phone. Just recently, she was doing well in school, and in ballet, so HHH and I decided to bump her up to the unlimited texting, web, and media plan for her phone, with a 300 minute talk plan. It mostly involved web messaging boys and even a few MEN inappropriate things. And we consider ANYTHING to the male persuasion inappropriate. We had only a few rules to her having a phone.

#2- No texting after 8pm.
#3- NO BOYS EVER!!!!!

Sigh.... We found all this on Friday as we were driving to the Parks in Orlando. I wasn't very happy and it made my birthday even shittier. Now we are at home going through her phone and journals and I am increasingly not happy with what I am seeing. So now, she has no phone. It is going to be a house phone for us. We changed the number, erased her contacts, and are just really disappointed. She was caught last summer going online to dating sites and saying she was 18 talking to 30 something year old men... now this.

Sigh...... Teenagers are going to be the death of me!

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Poppy said...

I'm sorry. I don't envy you. I was mildly inappropriate with older boys at the same age. It's just way too easy now. Kids don't understand the consequences of sexualizing themselves so early. :(