Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I got my poster on Monday. It was the only bright spot in an other wise shitastic day. I had one of the ladies at work just up and quit with no notice. Made my Monday a NIGHTMARE! 3 people to work 5 houses all scheduled at the same time. I was a working ass woman that day! My poster looks frickin' awesome. It's printed on photo paper, so I have to take it up to Sir Speedy here in town so I can see if they can reproduce it on just poster sheets. I'll frame the one I got, but if I give any away, or sign them as merch at the bouts, I want to do just regular posters for that. I may even give some away here!

Another arrival, that was made possible by the douche of an employee quitting, was @mommielicious! It seems her job was doing her wrong. WAY WRONG! So I asked her if she'd like to come work for me AND SHE SAID YES!!!!!! So now I have someone I know working with me. Bonus!!! We did 2 houses today. Would have been 3, but the 2nd house canceled, and @mommielicious got an eyeful when the guy answered the door in his undies!! Well, she has read my blog all this time and she knows what I have to deal with! I hope she has the stomach for it! LOL!!

So, those are my two arrivals. Anything new with you?

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