Friday, July 30, 2010


We all have to deal with it. Most of us would rather be pulled over carpet tacks and dipped in rubbing alcohol, but like it or not, it's never gonna go away...


We have family drama, work drama, friend drama, traffic drama, twitter drama, Failbook drama, blog drama, animal drama, kid drama, ex drama..... hell, I can't even name all the drama that exists in this crazy mixed up world! What I never understand is how people can get sucked up into that shit, ESPECIALLY if it really has nothing to do with them.


Worker A and Worker B used to be on a team at work. A & B worked together for 4 months until one fateful afternoon, A & B have a falling out. No repairing the rift. A & B have to split up and now can't stand to be in the same room. Over the months, A & B eventually come to a tenuous peace where they are civil to each other and work continues in a reasonable fashion. Now add in a new person.... Worker C. C is out with A and everything seems to be OK, but it isn't. C is a shit disturber. C stirs the pot for no reason other than to see what will happen, causing A & B to start having animosity. C also tries to turn me against B as well, saying there is bullying of other workers going on. (I have since seen this is not so.)

Why? What is the point of turning the place you work into a fucking soap opera?? It's like I am in grade school again with the "She said this!" "They said that!" crap. WTF people?!? I have said it once, and I will say it again..... if you let some sneaky motherfucker live rent free in your head, you have no one to blame but yourself. Take charge, be a man, and let that shit roll off like water on a duck's back. It's not worth it, it's not conducive to a good working environment and when it comes right down to it, I'm gonna fire whoever is making the most shit! Don't need it, don't want it.

And @mommielicious...... keep this to yourself. You're the only one at work who sees this!!! LOL!!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boss Lady

So, my boss is in town. She'll be here for the next day or so and then she's gone again. I guess I should feel good that she has felt that I am running things well enough that she doesn't have to hover in once a month to check up on me. I pointedly asked her if I was doing a good job and performing up to her expectations and she said I was doing very well. Good. Well, it has been a year now. I better know a little more about what I'm doing. Hell, I'm branching out and going after huge ass clients! (and if I keep telling myself this, I will eventually believe it!) Boss Lady's going to give the girls a pep talk to the girls before they head off to work Friday morning. Maybe she can get them off my back.... maybe.

On a totally unrelated aside, I wore shorts today and grossed everyone out at the office with my bruise! LOL!!! If they saw the progression from yesterday, then they'd really gross out! I have let it be known I broke someone's nose during the bout, and now I seem to be getting a little more respect! Heh.... I guess I should start being a cutthroat bitch at work too! I bet THAT will get them off my back.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


3 Hours
24 Hours
36 Hours
72 Hours
96 Hours

And yes, my ass still hurts. In a related tangent, HHH and I found out the missionary is out until the bruise heals.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Almost Time For A Review.

About a month and a half ago, CSN asked me if I'd do a review of one of their products. I chose to get a headboard from them and I was going to do a review of that. It was a headboard for my 13 year old daughter.... so it of course it is going to go through the wringer! Either way..... the review will be ready soon. Yay!

In other news, I went back to the lovely Mrs. Littrell's home today w/ Mommielicious for her second cleaning! She is such a joy to clean for! I love her! She was so happy to see us. She welcomed us in and we got to work right away. We changed her bed, started her laundry, cleaned her kitchen and bathroom, dried her laundry and folded it, vacuumed the floors, and got her all set up for the next two weeks! She's always so nice, and so pleasant to be around! Mommielicious and I were just tickled to be there! She was our only house on our route today, but still.... it was awesome. People like Mrs. Littrell make it possible for me to get through days where I have the ungrateful clients, like the rich lady who grabbed me!{shudder}

So that's what's going on right now. Boss Lady will be in town till Saturday so I will be doing the do and showing her why I am an integral part of the Green Team!

Go Team Green!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photos From Saturday.

Introductions at the beginning.
Getting bandaged by the EMT's. 10 minutes later I was tossing this off to go back out on the floor. I was never good at doing what I was told.....
Pigeon stretch before the bout.
Hamstring stretch.

Pre-game strategy session.
Halftime again.
More Half time.
All hands in for a big shout out of SRG

It was a hoot! My ass STILL hurts!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

24 Hours

This was my ass 3 hours after I hit the floor after a really brutal hit. I gave as good as I got, and if this was the only thing I got then OK.
THIS is my ass after about 24 hours. Oh! Em! Gee!! It's heart shaped and getting darker by the hour! It made for a really "interesting" ride home today!! I felt every bump and bounce! Owwie! HHH says it isn't my ass, but my hip. Whatever, it still hurts all up around that area.

Now, I will be resting up. I slept for a few hours after I got home, and hit the hay early as well. I hope this week goes well with little problems!


Internets.... meet my ass! This was 3 hours after the fall. Tomorrow will look even better! I have3 a feeling that this will be epic.

Oh,... and I broke someones nose tonight. Almost makes it worth it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is the photo the Natural Awakenings photog took after I had won for Best Green Cleaning Service. I'm thinking I look like a dork, but so far the popular opinion is differing with me.

At least we won!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's summer.

That time of year people head to the beach, BBQ outside, have summer parties, and generally do a lot of fun things.

It's also when the snowbirds go back north.

We are in our short season here at the cleaning company. I thought I had it covered with the addition of that apartment complex, but something happened where they turned into douche bags. So, now I am without a lot of the work we had been depending on. Bugger! Now I am hearing it from both sides of the desk. The girls are upset that there isn't a lot of work right now, and my boss is upset that the girls are going around my back and emailing her directly about their unhappiness.

What am I supposed to do? Pull jobs out of my ass? If we don't have to work, we don't have the work. This is only temporary, and the snowbirds will return, but right now we have to tough it out.

I guess the thing that really hurts is one of the girls who complained to Boss Lady is someone who I worked at getting a raise for. Initially, Boss Lady had only given her 3 extra days of vacation, (remember, we are a small company.), but I worked at getting her to change that to a raise instead. Now, I have her going to Boss Lady and saying things I really don't want to hear. I do care. I do give a damn. I am trying my hardest to find more work.....

It's just summer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OK all you exercise-y people.... I need suggestions. When I get out of derby practice, even if I have eaten a great dinner before, I..... am...... STARVING when we get out! And it doesn't matter what I eat before practice either. High carb, low carb, extra protien, veggies...... I am still dying when I get out! My usual deal is to grab a couple of jello shots and head to Sonic or Taco Bell on the way home, but uh..... at 10:30 at night.... I feel like crap the next morning. The food sits in my stomach overnight and just blegh! So what do you people do for something like this...And don't say "Exercise earlier" because that isn't an option. Our time slot is 8:45 to 10pm. Is there something I can eat before hand or a better option afterwards??

Let the suggestions flow!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Place Is A Zoo!

After an interesting morning where our van decided to try and shit itself at an intersection, we headed to the Lowery Park Zoo today for some family interaction. I had heard from Dr Spank N Hurter that it was $5 day at the zoo via Facebook. The van is ok, just a battery thing. The part where I almost broke my leg was where it shut off at an intersection, HHH got out, but forgot to put it in park, and I had to throw off my seatbelt, dive across the front seat, and smash down the brake with my hands to keep us from rolling back into the car that was behind us! Yes, I am a woman of action!!!
Then it was off to see the penguins....
Feed the Rhinos....
Pet the Rhinos.....
Feed the Giraffes......
And get to know the zoo inhabitants a little better all up close and personal!

It was good we got a head start this morning, because the main parking lot was already full by 9:30am and we had to park over at the dog track and take the shuttle to the zoo! It was nice. The zoo was on par with others we had been to. The Memphis Zoo was a favorite when we lived there, and one of the few things I actually miss about that town. We would buy the family membership every year and make the most of it! I wish this wasn't as far away as it is from us. I'd like to get a family membership to this one. I love the zoo, and I love the ecological lessons my kids learn there.

Friday, July 16, 2010

In One Week....

We will be up in Jax doing the roller Derby thang!

You know you wanna go........

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catch Up

I spent today switching back and forth from office work to cleaning. I started out in the office, fixing up paperwork, returning phone calls, doing deposits.... all the carp I'd normally do if I didn't have a janked up employee quit on me with no notice! And speaking of janked up employees, The girl that made my life miserable on Monday actually called and was asking about her job!! I shit you not!!! I had to tell her that I was over her drama and the disruption of our office every time she had a melt down in her personal life. Do. Not. Want!

I also spent today checking out getting my poster reproduced. After talking to Chad, the guy from Sir Speedy that we use for all our work related stuff, we decided that just copying it wasn't going to work so good. Some of my photos were really dark when it was scanned in to the computer. After a while we came up with the idea for me to email the photos to Sir Speedy so Chad could reproduce the poster from scratch. Also, I took his suggestion of working on the darker photos and lightening them up some so it wasn't all lost in shadows. If I can get a workable poster for me.... I was thinking of making a team one where we could sell them at the bouts for like $5 or something and autograph them for fans after the bout! Merch baby! It's all about the merch!

So that's all. It's almost midnight. I'm tired.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Let me just start by saying this one is important!

This one is for all the cookies!

This one is personal.

OK, all territorial puns aside..... This will be an important Bout for us. We lost the last one at their home facility in Bradenton, (due to shitty calls by the ref's, but I digress....) and now we are playing on our home turf! I'd REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLY like it if some of you guys would show up for this one! I mean REALLY! The difference between jumping back up after getting the snot kicked out of you by a late hit, and not getting back up is usually the amount of cheering you hear from the crowd. Even when we lost to ATL 283 to 10, we never gave up. We had a great crowd cheering us on. ATL came to someone later and said they were surprised we kept going, that they had had teams quit at the half and forfeit. That's not our style. Never quit, never say die. SRG forever baby.

Also, if you live in the northern part of the state.... come out and see us as we take on the Duval Derby Dames. The bout is in Jacksonville at the Jacksonville Ice and Sports Plex. July 24th at 6pm... Doors open at 5:30! I know some of you are up in that neck of the woods!! Come on over and have a night of derbylicious fun!!!

I may even sign a poster or two!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I got my poster on Monday. It was the only bright spot in an other wise shitastic day. I had one of the ladies at work just up and quit with no notice. Made my Monday a NIGHTMARE! 3 people to work 5 houses all scheduled at the same time. I was a working ass woman that day! My poster looks frickin' awesome. It's printed on photo paper, so I have to take it up to Sir Speedy here in town so I can see if they can reproduce it on just poster sheets. I'll frame the one I got, but if I give any away, or sign them as merch at the bouts, I want to do just regular posters for that. I may even give some away here!

Another arrival, that was made possible by the douche of an employee quitting, was @mommielicious! It seems her job was doing her wrong. WAY WRONG! So I asked her if she'd like to come work for me AND SHE SAID YES!!!!!! So now I have someone I know working with me. Bonus!!! We did 2 houses today. Would have been 3, but the 2nd house canceled, and @mommielicious got an eyeful when the guy answered the door in his undies!! Well, she has read my blog all this time and she knows what I have to deal with! I hope she has the stomach for it! LOL!!

So, those are my two arrivals. Anything new with you?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Showdown.

Man! What a game! It was withing 20 or more points at all times. The ladies hit hard and played well, but Gainesville came out on top! We were rooting for Gainesville. They needed a cheering section in the midst of all that red and black.

Well done ladies.... well done.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Because I Do.

Today I met a lovely woman.

She was 88 years old. Her sight wasn't what it used to be. She utilized a walker to help steady her gait between rooms. Her handshake was frail and tentative because of the arthritis that had taken over.Her mind was sharp as a tack.

I got an email from Service Magic, (a clearing house of service companies) that a person was requesting cleaning services at such and such address. I call and find that it's a daughter calling to look for cleaning services for her elderly mother. Mom lives down here in Florida, while the rest of the family lives waaaaaaay up north. No one even remotely close to help Mom, so Daughter is doing the next best thing, finding a cleaning company to help out Mom. I tell the lady we can definitely help out, and when would she like me to go see the house? Daughter calls Mom and we set it up for me to go over in about an hour.

I drive out to see the Mom. She is a lovely woman who asks me in and beckons me to sit down. I do, and we chat about where we're from, the weather, cleaning, what she needs in a cleaning service, etc etc etc. She tells me that this was her son's home, but he passed away 2 years ago, so she is down here trying to sell so she can move back up north to be with her family. I get up and look around. It wasn't the worst place I have been, but she needed help. The dust was a couple centimeters thick in some places. The rugs were in need of a good vacuuming, and the kitchen was cluttered. It wasn't so untidy, as it was just untended. We could definitely help her out. I could sense the fierce independence that ran through her. We haggled over price. I knew right away that I couldn't give her the price she wanted, but I heard myself say $45. Um.... what? It was easily a $90 or more job, but I could not bring myself to say it. This lovely lady, with her reminisces of Panama where she grew up, her love of the son who passed away, and her want to live on her own terms had charmed me. When I looked at the clock, and hour and a half had gone by. Then she announced that I would do, and when could I come back to clean? I said I needed to call her daughter and tell her we were a go for cleaning, and I would get my computer appointment setter up and call her back with my first available appointment next week. Then before I left, she asked if I could move some stuff for her. I end up moving a TV and a dresser for her. They were light enough for me, but for her it would have been impossible. She then went to give me a check for $10 for moving the things and even though I try to deny taking it, her stern look tells me I better take it or ELSE! Never mess with a little Panamanian woman who was raised by Catholic nuns! I take the check contritely and make my leave. When I call the daughter, I mention to her how I dropped the price so her Mom could afford us. The daughter say she will gladly make up the difference, just make two invoices: one for Mom, and one for her. We make the arrangements, I call Mom and set up to come next Tuesday, and it's a done deal.
I still would have done it for the $45 even if the daughter had not made up the difference. This nice lady wasn't a slob, she just had the years against her.

And I care.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thigh High!

Shannon, better known as Bluepaintred, had said in her Socks n Paws post that she would like to see some sweet thigh highs....
These are the ones HHH bought me. They have the the Bunny on the front in SRG pink, and a zipper motif on the back. LOVE them! They are awesome. With my knee pads on, you can't see the bunny, but the zippers are all shiny and glint in the light. They are very choice when it comes to socks.

I think I may have to put up one pair of socks a week. I have a shit load of them!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

They'll Be Back!

Got an email today at work that was a little disappointing....

Ha client was going to discontinue services.

Now, it's always disappointing when we lose a customer, be it from relocating, unhappiness with our services, financial problems, etc.... it happens. However this was disconcerting because they weren't unhappy or having problems in the pocket or anything like that.

They got a nanny.

This happens a lot. The family will have a new baby and suddenly they get a nanny. Then we get the call or email that..
"Our nanny will be cleaning for us while she watches our 6 week old bundle of joy. Thanks for playing. Don't need you anymore."
And then they will be gone.

But then.......

It happens a month or two later. I get ANOTHER call. This one sounds like....
"Um hi. I'm Mr. So and So. We used to use you guys a few months back and we really need you to come and clean the house. It has really gotten out of hand."

Now, I'd like to adopt a snotty tone and say something like... "So.... you dump us for your prissy sounding NANNY, and when she turns out to be doing HER job of tending your child and not CLEANING your toilets, you expect ME to just drop everything and run over there with a team of cleaners? Well, we shall see if your price is the same or if I jack it up with a little, "Ha ha you suck!" fee!!", but I won't. I haven't the last 5 times it has happened... I won't do it now.
I've had one lady quit because we accidentally left a door unlocked. She literally CUSSED me out on the phone! Said we didn't know how to clean anything and then hung upon me. 3 months later, back begging to be on the schedule. I had another older couple quit because the 98 year old man needed a live in housekeeper/assistant. Yep, back 5 months later. And I have made it a point to be at the return cleans with these people and I make sure to point out the huge ass dust bunnies, clumps of dust, and stains in the kitchen. I mention how the cleaning will cost more because the amount of extra work that has to be done since it wasn't kept up in our forced absence. Then I take their money, schedule them back in our schedule, and go back to business as usual.

It gets annoying, but one thing always remains the same.....

They will always come back!

Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha
(Laughed in a maniacle tone)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Some how, some way, I did something to my back. IT HURTS LIKE A MOFO!!!
I think it's a combination of a strange bed all weekend, doing the parks for 4 days, then following that up with Aunt Flo getting ready to come on. Well shit!

Bad Side: I have to miss Derby practice. My back can't take the impact from hitting drills right now. I'd end up on my back!

Good Side: HHH felt sorry for me and made me gluten free cupcakes with chocolate Buttercream icing!

OK people, I'm going to take some painkillers and got to bed. 38 is hitting back

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back To The Real World.

Well, with the exception of my actual birthday, the weekend was a rousing success. There was also a moment on Saturday morning when my MIL harpooned HHH with some earth shaking news in a really shitty way on Facebook, but after a while we were able to get past it and have a good day on Saturday. Sunday was awesome, and we even hit Universal again on Monday. Glad we had fun because......

It's back to reality.

My 13 year old daughter has been doing naughty things on her cell phone.

Luckily, there haven't been any bad photos or such, but we have a rule in our house. No Social Media Sites EVER! (Until your 18 and can buy your own internet.) She got a cell phone for her 12th birthday, and when I moved on to the iPhone, I gave her my web enabled phone. Just recently, she was doing well in school, and in ballet, so HHH and I decided to bump her up to the unlimited texting, web, and media plan for her phone, with a 300 minute talk plan. It mostly involved web messaging boys and even a few MEN inappropriate things. And we consider ANYTHING to the male persuasion inappropriate. We had only a few rules to her having a phone.

#2- No texting after 8pm.
#3- NO BOYS EVER!!!!!

Sigh.... We found all this on Friday as we were driving to the Parks in Orlando. I wasn't very happy and it made my birthday even shittier. Now we are at home going through her phone and journals and I am increasingly not happy with what I am seeing. So now, she has no phone. It is going to be a house phone for us. We changed the number, erased her contacts, and are just really disappointed. She was caught last summer going online to dating sites and saying she was 18 talking to 30 something year old men... now this.

Sigh...... Teenagers are going to be the death of me!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 3.

Caught a few shows...
Got trapped an a ride for 20 minutes......

Stuffed my face with hot dogs, and funnel cake.

Good 4th all around!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Two.

Yeah. I was rocking the derby girl thing at Universal yesterday. It helped me stand out amongst all the little and not so little fan girls wearing Harry Potter stuff. There were tons of people in "I love Harry" shirts, Griffindor colors, and even a few in full Potter robes. Ha...... and speaking of Harry Potter.....
Went to Harry's place first.
It was crowded, but we hit it right as we got to the gates, so we were able to avoid any really long wait times.
It was very true to the movies. The ride itself was exciting. Made you feel like you were right in the action. (I could have done with a little less spider.)

We got that out of the way, then took on the rest of the parks. I was hoping for a better day than Friday. We gave up when it started raining, and went back to the hotel to shower, change and head out to a hopefully bug free dinner. Scored that at Tony Roma's and then back to the hotel because all these freaky tourists can't fucking drive in the rain! Morons. I thought the old people in Sarasota were bad.... heh.

Happy birthday America. I'll be having a Nathan's and fries in your honor, then watch fire works with the fam.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I'll be having lunch with Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, and the Men in Black!

Photos will ensue!

Drinks will occur later in the evening at a location to be disclosed later.
Come party with Blonde!