Monday, June 7, 2010

Work Ethic

I like to think that I have a good work ethic. I learned it from my parents. Go to work every day unless you're dying, do an above average job, and never do anything to lose the respect of your bosses or co-workers. It's an ethic that has served me well. Almost every job I have had, I had for years. One job I had for 4 years, the next one for 7, the one after that for 5, etc, etc.....

Now that I am a boss again, I am really amazed at the work ethic of others. Some of the girls that work with me have the same ethic as I do, yet some of the others ..... I just don't know about. One of the girls started out great over a year ago, but now, everything takes precedent over her job. She refuses to find child care for after school and ends up leaving her job early. She also has no one to bring her child to school in the morning and then has to show up late. This early/late stuff is shortening her hours and subsequently her partners hours, and that lady ain't happy. If that wasn't enough, SHE'S A TEAM LEADER! She is supposed to be leading her team for cleaning, yet, being late and leaving early makes this impossible. The last few weeks she has been complaining about her paycheck being small. Um... well come to work. DUH!!! And I'm not being a heartless bitch about it either. This has been going on for 3 months now. She's had 3 months to deal with this situation, yet hasn't. I can only be kind so long.... then I have to put the company ahead of the person.

Summer vacation starts for her kid this Wednesday. She just informed me that she has no child care AGAIN for Thursday and Friday even though she has known about school getting out on that date for the ENTIRE year! I have to have the sit down with her this week and tell her that she has the summer to get her shit straight for next school year. If she can't work it out, she can't work for us anymore. Having been someone who was out of work before, I really don't want to put someone in that position, especially a single mother, but I can't keep catering to her schedule anymore. The other girls are getting pissed off at the preferential treatment, and I can no longer put the needs of one above the needs of many.

Not that this post solved anything, but I had to get it off my chest.


Avitable said...

That has to be difficult, because she's the type of person, I'm sure, who would blame you for the issue because you're not more "understanding". Which is ridiculous.

Poppy said...

I think a lot of people were raised to put family ahead of work.

It's a noble choice, but it makes for a really sucky work ethic.

I am like my mommy. Work, work, work. Play when work is done. And I have cats as kids because they sure do take great care of themselves when I'm actually employed. :)

Finn said...

I think you've been quite generous. If she can't see/appreciate it, then she needs to find another job.

I am very blessed that I am able to have a job that offers me the flexibility I need. I know it can be difficult, but you can't take care of your family if you can't feed them, you know?

Bubblewench said...

I think you sure do need to have a chat with her. I know it's tough, but hey, a job is a job is a job is a paycheck.

Blondefabulous said...

ADAM: Yeah, that has already happened once. I have gotten to the point where if it happens again she'll be looking for another job.

POPPY: I'm all for taking care of your family and putting them first, but if you don't have a job to do that with, you're kind of screwing up your family, right?

FINN: We are a really flexible workplace, but I am starting to reach my limit. It's not fair to everyone for me to keep catering to her.

BUBBLEWENCH: And paychecks are hard to come by now a days too!

Putz said...

she expects you to be even more generous than you have been.>>>can't you tell what she expects?????i wish i could work for you>>>i would cean what ever was left besides the part i was expected to do without a whimper>>>>have own car although the doc tells me to drive only 30 miles per hour in the daytime because of my diabetis>>>i guess you don't know anything about diabitis, huh????????