Thursday, June 10, 2010


Oh I'm in trouble now.

In last weeks post there were two snazzy flyers announcing that the "green" company was nominated in two categories for the Natties. That is the local natural awards given out by our local natural and organic magazine here in Sarasota. I called up Boss Lady and gave her the good news....

Me: "So we were nominated in two catagories this year! Think we'll add to the two Natties we already have?"

Boss Lady: "I can't see why not."

Me: "So when is your flight coming in so I can pick you up at the airport and you can go schmooze at the awards dinner with all the awesome and cool Organic and Natural people?"

Boss Lady: "Um.... I can't make it. How about you go?"

Me: "Uh.... (cough, cough....)"

See, I'm not really great in the social thing. Yeah I can be a kick ass Diva at derby, but that me being a whole different side of you don't even wanna know. When it comes to actually meeting new people, making small talk, and doing the glad-handing business thing.....I SUCK! Need I remind everyone of the Avitoween debacle of 2009?!? Yeah, I was such a wreck at that thing it was pathetic. Add to that I have no style and good Lord,.... we are in for a nightmare.

The awards are next Tuesday. I have already RSVP'ed and chose the Miso Salmon for dinner. Is there anyone out there with even an ounce of style that can help a poor schmo like me??

Pretty please??


Finn said...

One word: sundress. Maxi sundress, to be precise. You can even wear flats with them and look good.

I'll go check out some links and shoot you an e-mail.

You'll be fine. Just go into work mode and treat 'em like clients you want to land.

Bubblewench said...

I know I'm behind, but I also know you ACED it. Why were you so worried? You totally rock!