Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So You Take.....

1 Blondefabulous about to turn 30-something...
1 HHH who lost his ID
A couple of friends along for the ride because the comedy club gave us free tickets for Blonde's birthday
Having to jump through hoops because HHH lost his ID.(Apparently terrorists aren't allowed to go to the comedy club.)
1 REALLY BAD comic
2 semi-decent comic's
1 Headliner that almost made the chick who was with us pee her pants

A really good date night to kick off my birthday weekend.
Expect drunky, obnoxious, goofy damn tweets and FB updates from here on out!



Bluepaintred said...

I hope you have an awesome wonderful spectacular AMAZING birthday!

Finn said...

Have a wonderful time!

Putz said...

30 and plus and so damned sexy i can hardly ever stand it>>>>oh well what can i do about it just bbe thankful the you post almost everyday to keep friends like me informed and interested>>>and i really love your kids>>.honest