Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It has officially started. Summer in Florida. I know this because it rains every afternoon/evening. It rains HARD! And along with that rain comes the lightning. And the wind. And the wall rattling thunder!

Yesterday, I was taking a shower and while I was shaving my legs, there was this HUGE flash of light! Blinding light. At first I thought HHH had snuck into the bathroom and was taking naughty photos of me as he is wont to do occasionally. I yelled WTH loudly, and peeked out the curtain to see...... nothing. No HHH. Then I heard the BOOM! Loud enough to get me OUT of the shower immediately!

Now, don't get me wrong... I love the rain and storms. I am a weather geek. I take my camera and go outside when the weather gets bad. I took pictures and video of hail, lightning, high winds, and flooded streets. I watch the weather channel like a goob when something is going on weather wise, and I love the movie "Twister" on a stormy night... in surround sound! But when I'm in a plastic cube, with water sluicing down on me from a metal shower head, I get my white ass outta the shower! And that wasn't the last of the pyrotechnics for that night either. It went on into the evening, loud and proud! Yep....

Summer has arrived.


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Bubblewench said...

Send some my way? We need some storms!!