Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet Lucky

This is Lucky. He is our new pet rabbit. Lucky was found at HHH's apartments in an empty unit where someone had skipped. They took all their stuff, and left Lucky there without telling someone. Assholes. Lucky is thin, has sickles for toenails, and was scared of everything. I went out and bought rabbit food enriched with vitamins, sweet hay for his digestions, and some chewing stuff for his teeth. We also got him some fresh fruit and leafy green veggies.

So now we have three pets. Fluffy, Gobo, and Lucky.

Welcome to the madness buddy!


Putz said...

flowbow, i like that for a name

Poppy said...

Ha! Your rabbit and Shannon's dog have the same name!

Hope Fluffy and Gobo are taking Lucky's presence well. :)

Bubblewench said...

Yeah! You got a Lucky too! Sweet! Thank you for taking Lucky Bunny in, she/he definately needed a family to love.