Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Need Help.

Ok, so yesterday's post was about how the oil hasn't gotten here yet. I also mentioned that the next SRG bout on June 19th was going to donate $1 of every adult ticket is going to be donated to the relief efforts being orchestrated by the Mote Marine Laboratory.

Here's where you come in......

I know a lot of you have blogs, Twitters, Facebooks, etc... Do me, SRG, and the ocean a favor and link, retweet, and like this post. We want to sell out the arena so we can give the maximum amount of ca$h to the relief effort. The thought of those animals covered in the sickly, gooey tar/oil makes me physically sick.

Copy the picture up top, link to this post, and help the Sarasota Roller Girls kick ass against the ATL Toxic Shocks!!

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