Sunday, June 6, 2010

Annnnnnnnd Done..... For Now.

And we are done moving ...... for the moment. See, we moved everything that we had at the temporary place into the new house, got curtains up to combat the Florida summer heat, and got all the boxes unpacked. We're going to tackle the storage unitnet weekend when HHH isn't on call at the property. After all that moving, it was waiting for the Bright House to show and get the TV and internet installed. Guy shows up, stuff gets installed, service addy is transferred and there we go.

Then two hours later.... no internet.

Bright House hasn't been too bright. When we were at the temp place, the HD box we had on the bedroom TV would need a total reboot EVERY SINGLE TIME WE TURNED IT ON!!! Ugh, talk about annoying. Now we have the internet being all flakey?!? It almost makes me wish for Comcast.

So now I am sooooooo tired, my knee is aching, (bursitis), and I am dozing off in my easy chair. Tomorrow I'll put up photos of the house.




Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your internet connection. My name is Chris and I work for Bright House Networks. You can send me a message on Twitter - BHNInsider or Facebok - BHN Insider if I can help. Thanks!

Putz said...

anon above and you tooooo blonsde>>>i can't stand comcast>>>.can't CAN'T stand can't>>>>ask me what i feel about comcast>>>just ASK