Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things That Scare Us.

The girls and I were talking in the office today about what scares the holy crap out of us when we're cleaning. See, a few weeks back we were running a Saturday job out at an office and as we were coming out the front door one of the ladies started to scream at the top of her lungs and practically ran me over to get away from something. That something turned out to be a little black snake. He apparently snuck up and tickled The lady's ankle. That got us to talking about what we have found at jobs that has scared the holy bejeebus out of us. For me, it's spiders. I can't stand the little bastards! I was fine up until when I was 11. Then at 3am, a wolf spider fell off of the ceiling of my room, landed on my cheek waking me out of a deep sleep and I haven't liked the little shits ever since. I can deal with snakes, rats, roaches, you name it...... but hell no I ain't messin wit no spiders!!! Hell, I even had a lizard fall into my hair while I was cleaning a place last week..... didn't phase me, but If I had to go to a house with a shitload of spiders....FORGET IT! Or I'd go in, vacuums blazing, and suck those little bastards to kingdom come!!!!!

So what gives YOU the Heebie Jeebies???


Christina LMT said...

Cockroaches, DEFINITELY. I have a total phobia, which I've managed over the decades to control to a certain degree. Which means I no longer run gibbering and sobbing to the nearest exit or on top of the nearest table! I go searching for the closest can of Raid, instead.

I adore snakes, however. :D

Nicole said...

anything with more than 4 legs and 2 eyes mostly. Although I have to admit, as creepy as they are, spiders intrigue me

Ren said...

Wasps bother me much more than spiders. I think your chart needs a "flying" component. :-)

We had a wasp in our backyard last evening that had a tail/stinger/something that was about six inches long. Very strange!