Saturday, May 8, 2010

That's Why They Call It The Blues.

I'm here. I didn't explode like I thought I would. It was a VERY close thing on Friday evening. I kid you not. We went to look at a house in Osprey and before we went out, I told the woman our $$ situation, and she said OK. So then we drove out there, looked at the most beautiful house ever, only to be told by the woman, "Oh I'm sorry. My husband said you have to have $4500 to be able to move in." I. Broke. Down. Not a pretty thing, let me tell you. Finally, in the 11th hour, HHH new work said we could stay in the loaner 2 BR they use for traveling people who work for the company.

I Love You Honey, but I'm still not happy.

Yes he is trying his hardest, and yes I love him and am very proud of him, but the stress level I have right now could kill a lesser being. If it weren't for the fact he has a well paying job, I would be in jail right now for killing him. I love you baby, but this shit has to stop. No more moving after June. No more job jumping. I wanna be a regular old mom, with a job and a hobby. I wanna have a year's worth of holidays in the same place. I really,... REALLY love you. It's why I have followed you this far, but I'm tired and I'm broken on the inside, even as the outside packs boxes yet again. I'm not trying to make you upset with me, but you said you're not a mind reader so I have to say this to you. Out Loud.

I Love You.

Happy Mother's Day.

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phinz said...

Hang in there, honey. Love truly does conquer all.