Monday, May 3, 2010

Staying Classy

See that right up there??

That is #1428 of the Bradentucky Bombers giving a 2 handed yank and shove to our SRG jammer. The Bomber in question never got called on her yank and shove even though she was in full view of the referees.


That was how the night went for us. We would get a great jam going for us and then we'd get slapped around by poor reffing for us. Oh, we'd get called to the penalty box for the least little thing, but not the Bombers. It was so bad that at one point, our coach Johnny E went out and started questioning the Referee's ability to call a game decently. Didn't help though....

I was so mad that when the last jam of the night came around, I was skating and every bitch I saw went down. I didn't care. It wasn't going to matter any way. Then as the buzzer sounded the head ref tried to send me to the box..... WTF dumbass! Game over and you already handed it to the other team!

Fuck you asshole.

I can't wait till it's our turn to play them again on our turf, with real ref's who will call a fair game!

Oh it's ON now!

Just so you know, that went on almost the entire night

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Putz said...

BLONDE , GIVE UM HELL NEXT TIME>>>i feel so honoerd to know an actual real life skater who has enough guts to take bitches down when they need to be taken down>>>yep so oh so honered>>i wonder which of those spellings of hooonered is correct?????