Saturday, May 22, 2010


A couple of weeks back, I tweeted about an ad on Craigslist that one of the girls at work found.. It was in the "missed connections" section. You know, that personals section one rung below the category where all the hookers and escorts advertise for "dates" and "massages"? Yep, there. Anywhoo, apparently there was this ad. It was short, sweet, and too the point. The girls had a good laugh about it, I took it in stride, and I figured if I didn't respond the guy would get the message that A. I wasn't interested or B. I don't cruise CL for love.

Enter this past Friday night.

I was about to collapse on the bed in exhaustion when HHH showed me something. This was in that days missed connections. HHH had been looking into that section to see if the guy would put in another ad and sure enough, he did. This one was a little creepier. It talks of going back to the vacuum store where he first saw me, and him possibly sending flowers. Now, as flattering as some may think this is, I got a cold shiver. I had watched the latest episode of Criminal Minds the other night, the one where the weird guy picked women on Facebook,Twitter, etc and then murdered them...... and even though I was gonna kill me a wife beater the other day without a second thought, this still scares me. I have no clue who this guy is or what he looks like, but he knows what I look like and probably, where I work. Can we say paranoid? That's great kids.... I knew you could!

So now I am NEVER unlocking the front door to the office when I am alone there for the foreseeable future. Also not gonna just waltz into the vacuum store without taking a good look at who is in there anymore. If it wasn't for the fact that they are the only repair store in town for Miele vacuums, I'd probably go somewhere else. And this makes me wonder about other things. Things like, last Tuesday at practice, I heard people cheering for me BY NAME that I had never seen before. They're probably friends with some of the other derby girls, but still, the nagging little voice is in the back of my mind saying "Is that the guy? Did he follow you to practice?"

Now, I'm not gonna let some weirdo live rent free in my head, but I am going to take a few more precautions in the future when it comes to my comings and leavings from work.

Anyone ever had this happen to them? Any ideas to squash it? (Besides gaining 200 lbs and going all Jabba the Hut uggo.) And why can't I get that Damn Lady Gaga song, "Paparazzi", out of my head?!?


Christina LMT said...

I know how you feel about firearms, but you should seriously consider getting a gun and also getting training in safely handling and firing it. When seconds count, the police are minutes away, don't forget that!

There is a HUGE creep factor at work here, I think you're right to be concerned.

Russ said...

Creepy! If you don't want a gun, Tasers or pepper spray could come in handy! Cost less and are non-lethal.

Nicole said...

have you considered going to the Sarasota PD with this information?? This is creeping me out. I'm assuming the SPD had jurisdiction where you are - if they don't go to the Sheriffs office...ask for Sgt. Pelfrey and tell him one of his students told you to talk to him to see of there was anything that could be done. There might not be, but maybe they can do something. It's certainly not going to hurt anything to stop in and see. Guns are all well and good, but truth be told more people are killed by their own guns even when they are properly trained on how to use them. A Taser might be a better alternative. It's non lethal and works a hell of a lot better than pepper spray. Except I think that if you want to have one here in Florida you need to get tazed with it in order to carry it. And you'd also need to go thru the concealed weapons carry class. Stay safe sweetie <3

Cissa Fireheart said...

I don't think he'll post to you anymore. If he does, let me know.

Anonymous said...

eeewww that's just weird and creepy

since you don't like guns i think the taser or pepper spray idea is definitely in order

you should report it, at least that way if the guy goes to the next step you have proof that he did it intentionally based on his own comments in the second post

delmer said...

The items the links point to are both deleted now.

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA: I just don't do guns.

RUSS: A taser might be a viable option, but I don't think I'm allowed to have them at work. (I go to other people's houses.)

NICOLE: I think Cissa may have taken care of that for me.

CISSA: What did you do Girl!! Totally awesome!!

PRISSY: I was contemplating whom to call about it when it seems Cissa took care of it for me. I also had my posts and tweets to count on that this guy was around, and I had let the vacuum store know about it too. I am an information hound.

DELMER: I know!!! Cissa worked some kind of "magic" and now it seems the guy has disappeared! Hooray!!!!

Cissa Fireheart said...

details are unimportant, I simply called in a favor to one of my contacts at craigslist corporate. that's all you need to worry about. LOVE YOU!

Miss Anarchy said...

Make sure you tell your derby sisters about it. They won't let anyone mess with you at practice.

When I skated we had a girl whose ex kept stalking her, so we always kept an extra eye out around practice and made sure she wasn't the last one there or if her car was parked out far, someone would go with her. Finally he stopped and things went back to normal.