Thursday, May 27, 2010


Went to work.
Worked two houses, one all by myself.
Did a shit ton of paperwork.
Had my FIL pop in for a day visit.
Ran home.
Picked up Kryatal's for dinner.
Got all derby-fied.
Got Mo all ballet-ed up.
Got Rebecca al Emo-ed up.
Took daughter #2 (Mo) to her ballet dress rehearsal.
Went with Daughter #1 (Rebecca) to her final Emo Poetry reading.
Listened to newly minted teenagers whine about a life they have not lived yet.
Listened to the assistant principal play guitar and sing "Hotel California".
Left emo poetry reading as fast as possible.
Picked up daughter #2 from ballet dress rehearsal.
Realized I had been going since 4:30am.
Decided against going to derby.
Went to Taco Bell.
Went home. Going to be right now!!!!

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