Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skate Night Again.

Tonight was the last skate night of the season. I took all the kids with me and we hit the floor rolling. Morgan brought her own skates, and Rebecca and Junior rented skates from the rink.

It wasn't too terribly crowded. I skated with each of the kids, but Junior was my bestest buddy for the night! He skated hand in hand with me. We got sodas together. He even asked for a quarter, then ran off, only to come back 5 minutes later with a green stuffed pig. He had won it out of a crane machine and gave it to me!!! How sweet is that?? My baby boy is such a cutie!!!

Then the weirdos started coming out. The best one of all was this guy who had a cane and ONE SKATE!! Um... if you are handicapped enough to not have movement in one of your arms and are in need of a cane, then you probably shouldn't add roller skates to the mix! And then he was out in the middle of the floor!!!! Slowly he hobble/skated around, blocking people and causing pile ups with the less capable skaters. Hopefully you saw the Twitter or Facebook of the photo I took.

So now I'm tired, I've skated 4 hours, and I'm taking my green piggy and going to bed.

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