Saturday, May 1, 2010


So Last night I went to Trader Vic's with HHH and we had dinner and drinks with the roller girls. It was cool, but we got there REEEEEEEEEEALLLLLY late.Everyone was done by the time we got there and got a drink or two and we ended up having a date night instead. Dinner was totally awesome and my girl Cuteney Cutthroat, (who is the most awesome server in the universe!!),took awesome care of us.

Now I'm off to check on a cleaning for another Derby Girl, SCARlet Frenzy, who contracted the green cleaning company I run to do her offices on Saturdays!!! I love Derby.

And remember, tomorrow in Bradenton is our bout against the Bradentucky Bombers!!!!


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Putz said...

hey ey hey, brandonten is where good ole bev i s from>>>i wonder if she skaets, she i my age 67