Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This has me all weird inside.

I knew these people personally. I knew their dog. I cleaned their house. I dusted their family photos. Photos of children playing on the beach. Photos enrobed in "Best Grandpa Ever" frames. Family memories. Beautiful art juxtapositioned next to finger paintings.

They found a car in the driveway. The family dog was inside, with the car running and the A/C on so she'd be comfortable. There was a note inside the car saying how she was friendly and wouldn't bite.

There was a body inside the house..... The house that had been reduced to rubble and cinders. The finger paintings gone, the photos only a charred memory of times happier. It isn't known if the body is the husband or the wife, the damage was too extensive. No one has heard from the other spouse yet.

Maybe it's because I spoke to these people about the mundane that has me all funny feeling. I spoke about scheduling around their vacation, talked about how the dog, Lucy, didn't like the vacuum, etc. And now the people and the house are gone. Burned to the ground.

Sometimes I think I care too much. I send get well cards to the clients who are ill. I call my clients and check on them when I haven't heard of them after their vacations. New babies, birthdays, you name it..... I know.

And now I'm sad.


Bubblewench said...

I'm sorry for your loss. That is very sad.

I finally got caught up over here, you have been crazy busy with tons of hell going on!

If I could I'd help you pack and move.


Finn said...

You don't care too much. You care, period. And it's OK. Unfortunately it opens you up to hurt. Comes with the territory. But I hope it doesn't stop you from caring. xo

Putz said...

yes you have always cared, not toooooo much but you do care, even in the old days when you were so dispondant>>.you remember those days, love, don't you??????