Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Ballerinas.

Today was the ballet recital for the DNG program for the Sarasota Ballet. My baby girl Mo is in this program. It was her second year, and she has come such a long way. Her confidence has soared. Her grace and poise has increased. She can still beat the shit out of any boy who dares to tease her. That's my girl. Anywhoo, this was an amazing performance put together by Lisa Townsend and the wonderful people of Dance: The Next Generation. The program was named Dancing Through the Library. Mo was in the piece called Fairy Tales. She was so beautiful I cried. Me.... the hard ass, roller derby bitch. I bawled like a baby. Rebecca's recital was last Saturday. She was so beautiful as well. Her grace and beauty has excelled in the last two years. In the coming years, HHH and I are going to be having to beat the boys back with a stick!

Anyway, here's the video. See my baby kick some ballet ass!

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