Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Gonna Go To Jail.

I woke up this morning to something no one should have to wake up to. I had two desperate texts, sent around 1am, from one of the girls who work for me. See, she has been separated from her husband because he is an abuser. Just two weeks ago she finally was granted a restraining order against him. Not that those pieces of paper help, but it's something, right? Anyway, The gist of the texts was that her husband was waiting for her at the place she's been staying at. He apparently beat her, and when she tried to escape into her car, he broke out the windows as well. She's in the local domestic violence shelter, and he's in jail for the moment, but still.... he's been stalking her for months now. I recently learned he's been lying in wait for her in our work parking lot in the mornings, menacing her. Right at this moment..... I am seething with rage! How dare he think she's his property just because he's married to her. I have a few um...... "anger" issues and I have been working shit out at derby, but once I started getting texts from the girl apologizing for her situation, begging MY pardon for disrupting work, and saying how ashamed she was that this had happened, the rage began bubbling to the surface! I swear to GOD if I see that motherfucker in our parking lot again IF he gets out of jail, I am taking the tire iron we recently used to change one of the cars tires and I will cleave his skull. That will be after I fuck up his BMW so I can lure him out of the car. No one deserves to be treated like he has treated my friend. NO ONE!!! Am I a little protective of my girls at work Hell fucking YES I am!!!

So here I am, saying in my best Tweeter from "Varsity Blues" voice...

"I'm a gonna go to jail."

Bail me out when I do??


Finn said...

You got it. I'll start saving right now.


Poppy said...

How about if you go to jail I come visit you with a pineapple upside-down cake? That seems way more supportive.

And that guy's in jail now, right? Or is he out on bail already?

I've never been in a physically abusive relationship so I am not prepared to offer advice on how you can best support her. But, it would seem that you being behind bars does very little to protect her in general, so mebbe that is a bad idea. Wait for him to swing at you? :)

Blondefabulous said...

FINN: Thanks sweetie!

POPPY: I love pineapple upsidedown cake, but it has to be gluten free or I will get sick. Yes the guy is in jail, but I don't know for how long. I'm sure being the dick this guy is, he'll swing first if I approach him and tell him to get the fuck off the property. ;-)

Lynda said...

Bail you out? I'll help you hold him down!