Friday, May 21, 2010

I Need A Vacation.

I have just realized that I am in serious need of a vacation. I have been at my job for well over a year now.(1 year in the first week of Feb.) All of the other girls who have passed their year marks have already taken their vacations. I covered for them while they spent a week relaxing and lounging. Thursday I had one girl quit without notice and another have a melt down on me. Add that to a few personal issues and me being on my PMS week and I didn't have the best of days.

I was talking to my business coach during our weekly call and he was asking about how hard I was working, how much business I was bringing in and what all was going on in the office and as I recounted it all to him I took a deep breath and said..... "I need a vacation."

And then he asked me when I had it on the calender.

I don't. I told him that. He asked me why and after thinking about it, I told him I was just too busy. That, and there isn't anyone who can do my job at the moment. He said I need to pick out a date, put it on the calender, and start making a plan. If you have a date to work towards, you start arranging things so it can happen. So I guess I need to get with HHH and start planning a vacation. First things first..... maybe a long weekend. Then I'll work on something else a little longer.

Any suggestions?


Russ said...

I'll let you know how Costa Rica is! Other then that, we enjoy Charleston a bunch.

Lynda said...

San Francisco is really nice this time of year!

Larry (Mr. Relaxation!) said...

You do need a vacation! The following blog might inspire you:
Relaxing Vacations blog