Monday, May 17, 2010


  • Woman clip clops into the Wall to Wall Mart bathroom and occupies the stall next to me. Said woman then uses restroom, then leaves with out flushing OR washing her hands. One can only hope she wiped!
  • I was out cleaning houses today, and in the first one I did the bathrooms. Can I just say no matter how much money people seem to have, it's the rich fuckers who can't hit the toilet bowl!! I mean, what the hell man?!? If you have one of those expensive frickin', low flow, heated seat toilets, at least use the damn thing correctly! (Pee and poop go in the hole!)
  • Took the family to dinner at Sonny's BBQ where we got entertained by a single, older gentleman with a vicious duck flip hairdo squirting BBQ sauce from the bottles on his index finger, then sucking it off. He did this for 15 minutes till his food arrived. Glad I had already eaten.
  • Also seen in Wall to Wall Mart..... Albino tattooed guy with arm around midget goth girl who had Sam's Cola, bread, and Ho Ho's in their cart. That's a swingin' time in Bradentucky apparently.
  • I estimated a place today that literally scared me. The woman was showing me around and led me to the guest bathroom. I was looking it over and she said, "Oh, and there is grass or something growing out of the wall behind the toilet." Um, mama say whaaaaa.... No lie, there is "something" growing out of the wall, but it ain't grass. It was some sort of slime/black mold. And I saw the mold rings radiating through out the dry wall that wasn't so dry. I looked at her, shook my head, and explained to her that we may be able to get the mold etc off the wall, but that if there was "grass" growing through to this side of the wall, the other side must have a swamp growing on it! I told her it was a distinct possibility that the water may have to be shut off, the toilet taken up, and the wall cut away to find the leak. Then the leak could be fixed, the wall replaced, and the toilet put back. She didn't looked pleased. This is why you look a place over carefully BEFORE you sign the lease.
Some days are just filled with EW!


Russ said...

mmmm, black mold! That is where my wife would have donned a respirator and run home to scrub her self down.

Putz said...

so who has the worst toliet habits, girls, or boys///////////?/////??////?

Karl said...

Ugh, not washing your hands after the bathroom? Nasty!