Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Weekend Week-END!

Hi there! I'm tired. It has been a whirlwind of a week. Wanna know why? Well...
  • Had to go clean the crazy woman on Monday again. I cannot wait till they sell that place. This woman's toxic aura just oozes evil.
  • Also on Monday the new lady who was supposed to be taking a managerial position with the company called in AGAIN saying one of her dogs was in labor. This isn't an unusual thing since she raises pure bred dogs. What gets on my nerves is when she interviewed, she said "Oh my mother is retired and living with us so I won't have anything to keep me from work. My mom can do it." Uh, nope.
  • The we had Wednesday roll around and same employee was going into on of the downtown buildings to clean a condo and the building security wouldn't quit following her. She calls me and asks me to come to the building. I get there and she basically takes off!! Totally left her partner and everything! Come to find out she had worked for another company before and while she was cleaning in that building she was caught on video stealing entrance rugs from the buildings garages.
  • Said employee was fired by me on Friday.
  • Derby practice has been off the chain lately! We learned a totally cool move on Thursday called the "Waitress Whip". It is totally cool and involves speed, coordination, skating backwards, and blocking. I am in love with it now! Can't wait to learn the next new thing!!!
  • I have been sick all week. Not cough cough, hack hack sick, but OMG I have got to stop eating gluten because I'm eventually gonna die if I don't sick. My Aunt Flo swinging around this coming week wasn't helping any since I was craving supersized fudge rounds. I'm so Screwed.

So there you go. That is just a smidgen of what my week was like! I do want to give a special shout out to SCARlet Frenzy for throwing some business my way in the form of employing my company to clean her offices! Thanks babe! You are awesome!!!!

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Putz said...

you keep firing everyone from your staff and here i am acking to go to work>>.1, i would love to work with environmentally safe chemicals, and 2. i would like to clean ocean side dwellings, and 3. i would loave to work for and with you>>>>is there anywzay start a place in utah, we are ocean fron't property you know , california will drop in the sea and i will then own an place on the oceanfront>>.love the PUTZ