Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sunday was spent relaxing and planting my new containers full of herbs. It was raining when I woke up, but it stopped later yet still stayed cloudy. Yeah... not the best of weather for things I had planned for doing, such as skating the trail and riding the motorcycle with HHH. Bah!
Still.... it looks to be a really great start for my garden. I need to have fresh herbs for cooking. I miss having fresh rather than dried stuff for seasoning.

And now on to the week at hand. What do you all have on tap for your week?


Finn said...

Same stuff, different week. Except I get a hair cut on Friday.

Putz said...

my green thumb is black like death>>>i plant tomatoes and they freeze, i plant corn in a cirle and the stuff dies inside the circle cause they don/t get sun, i plant beans they come up an inch and then wither and die, death is my garden, hey i should write a poem about that

Bubblewench said...

Getting ready for SILLYBRING! Oh, and headed to Utah. I love having fresh herbs to cook with. Enjoy! Have a great week!