Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturday, In The Park....

I am making plans and getting things organized. I have something important coming up.....

Chicago will be playing the last night of Mardi Gras at Universal!!

And yes I know it won't be the exact same guys, well, a few of them will be the same, but I Looooooooove Chicago. All of it! I listened to their early stuff, (25 or 6 to 4, If You Leave Me Now, Color My World, etc...) and their 80's hits, (Hard To Say I'm Sorry, Hard Habit To Break, Stay The Night, etc....) and I have to say they are a musical entity I have always wanted to see in concert. And I am just lucky enough to be able to go with the lovely and amazing CissaFireheart!! Yes, on April 17th I will be bunking down at Fireheart Mansion with the Minions and Misk. I'm even going to bring my gear so we can go skating!! Hopefully the vehicles won't have any problems this!

On a semi unrelated but related aside, while I was on the phone with Cissa talking about the concert and whatnot, I saw something that scared the holy living hell out of me. You all know I got HHH a motorcycle, and we have been out riding all over lately. Well, as I was talking to Cissa, I see this guy with his shirt off over on the shoulder of the road (and he was hot!), as I got closer I see the smashed crotch rocket laying in SEVERAL pieces and the Ford Excursion that has the rear gate caved in! I start freaking out on the phone to Cissa, and now I'm noticing the guy holding his shoulder and walking around in a really agitated manner. I imagine he was cussing up a storm while he was doing that too! I just got a shiver because I was thinking back to several times when HHH and I have been riding where someone just pulled right in front of us without a thought as to if we can slow down in time, if we had the ability to change lanes in case we couldn't, etc..... I imagine there was two possible scenarios that could have happened. Either the guy was being a showoff dick and wasn't paying attention, or like I said above, the Excursion pulled out in front of him and he had no choice but to hit them. Either way, the dude had on a full face helmet and I just bet that saved his life!


So now I am at home relaxing before Derby practice and watching my incredibly sexy HHH make me dinner! With no shirt on!! Bonus!!!!

Uh..... I gotta go..... dinner!

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Bubblewench said...

I am so jealous Chicago!! I saw them at Radio City Music Hall in oh, 91 I think it was? They are awesome. I used to have all their records. Yes, vinyl. I hope you all have a blast!!

And hell yes! HELMET!