Monday, April 26, 2010

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

  • I and the family was woken up by a huge storm last night. Granted it wasn't anything like Mississippi had to endure, but it was still loud, bright, and frightening.
  • My son said he peed himself because the lightning scared him. He was laughing when he admitted this, so I suspect he was just going for the comedic laugh.
  • I decided that I wasn't going to take the kids to school in the thunderstorm. It was bad enough I had to go to work in it. I got them up, gave everyone shots & breakfast, then sent them to watch cartoons.
  • As soon as I got to work, the sun came out. Fucker.
  • Monday at work was all sorts of messed up. One client canceled, another didn't remember to leave the garage door unlocked for us, and during this I was trying to get shit arranged for the rest of the week. Sigh....
  • I have an even more jam packed day tomorrow.
  • Sunday we have our SRG bout against The Bradentucky team. Can. Not. Wait.
  • One of the roller girl's significant other is an artist. He designed our SRG logo for us and last week he put out a facebook message to us that he was willing to design personal logos for each skater! How cool is that?!? I thought about it for a while then messaged him back with information about me, who I am, and why I have my name and number. I am 5th or 6th in line for getting my own logo that can be put on merch we can sell for the league..... AWESOME!!!
  • I expect all of you to buy a t-shirt! OR AT LEAST A BUMPER STICKER!!!!
  • Aunt Flo is beginning to make her exit, so my joints are starting to lay off. Gosh knows I need all my movement for Sunday!
  • I'm watching WWE tonight w/HHH. It's Draft night. Is it bad I care more about this draft than the NFL one?
  • Probably not.
  • Time to hit the hay so I can get up and do it all over again!!


Putz said...

i laid in bed until 10 am this morning listenening to the wind that is bringing us just yeat another snow, yes i saidA SNOW stom....>>thwe perfect strom you know like the movie>>.so here i wait for snow, so don't complain sweeetttteee

Christina LMT said...

Honey, I don't know how you manage everything! My hat's off to you. :)