Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Bee.

Ok. Tuesday started off really messed up. The girl who was pregnant came in but was having stomach and back pains. She's only 4 1/2 months along!!! We called 911 immediately and sent her off to the hospital. Later that afternoon she finally called me and said that she and the baby were OK. She has low blood pressure, the baby is breech, and she may have placenta previa. Wow.

I am really tired from derby practice last night. We were hitting hard last night. I don't think we should be hitting too hard right before the bout though. Case in point, we had some newer skaters going around for a practice run and when the seasoned jammer came knocking through the pack, she smashed into one of the new girls and down she went. We think it's just a bruised knee or something like that, but still, we shouldn't be killing each other right before we need to be going and killing the other team!!! BTW, the bout is this Sunday at Florida Wheels in Bradenton. It's supposed to start at 6:30pm, but it's probably going to start at 7pm. Come watch!!

OK, I need to get going this morning. Being tired isn't going to stop the kids from going to school or the job from needing to get done.

Have a good day!

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