Monday, April 12, 2010


  • Had a shitty day. The two new girls were late, but then were put out when I had rearranged the day so they didn't have as much time as before. Uh, sorry bout your luck but when you are consistently late I can't count on you and you get the short shifts. If it wasn't for Boss Lady putting them on tomorrow's schedule, they would have been shafted for tomorrow. I'm done playing with people!
  • People still can't fucking drive around here! I swear to Baby Jebus the next fucker that pulls out in front of me and slows down to 5mph is gonna get the holy living shit beat outta them with the appendage I rip offa them and then I'm gonna stuff them in their trunk and push them in the bay!!!!
  • I had about 3 different customers forget that today was their day to be cleaned. WTF?? It's called a calender people! Fucking USE it!!!! And try to wrap your teeny brains around the fact that when you change your cleaning day for whatever stupid ass reason, just because you moved up or back a week doesn't mean you get to go every two weeks from then. You have to get back to your regular schedule or you fuck over everyone else that has that day. No you aren't special. No you cannot change permanently. Suck it up, buttercup!
  • I didn't make the next bout roster. Guess I suck ass. Go me.
  • Gobo is being an ass. He keeps getting up into shit and destroying shit. I didn't want to crate him, but it looks like I may have to. Boo.
  • I miss Toby.
  • Please let Tuesday be a better day. That is all.


Finn said...

I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Hang in there. Things will change; they always do. xo

Bubblewench said...

Hugs and love babe. Just keep the torch of Chicago this weekend and ME next weekend in your heart!

BTW - I got my branding iron yesterday!

Putz said...

you can relax now blondefab and i will tell you why>>>my 64 year old sr. citizen wife just left florida, dissyworld and that means one less driver for you to worry about>>she rives obnoxiously because of an accident she had once and so wait till all traffic clears before proceeds, also i want to want to work for you, you don't have to pay me for cleaning unless you want to just give me a peck on the cheek occasionally>>>i would be 10 minutes early for my job everyday just to get the peck on the cheek