Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad to Worse

How do you take a week that's only one day in and make it completely worse?

Have to take your husband to the ER because he's having chest pains and trouble breathing...... at age 31!!!!!

HHH's family has a history of early heart disease. His dad had his FIRST heart attack at 26, then his second at 28. When it comes to heart trouble and chest pains, we don't take any chances. Unfortunately for us, the hospital ER didn't do very much but give him an aspirin, and percocet, and take his blood twice. No CT scan, no echo test.... nothing. They kept him there for 7 hours and all they could tell us was it wasn't a heart attack. Thanks. Glad to see all those student loans are paying off for ya there. They didn't even remember to take his IV out. He did that himself and then as we were leaving the hospital HHH gets a call on his cell. It's the nurse asking if he still has his IV in because she didn't remember taking it out. Sigh..... This is our medical care system we are shelling out for.

So now HHH is feeling better. What ever it was went away thank goodness. Now I just get to worry till the next time.

DOUBLE SIGH.........


Russ said...

I had something similar a few years back (back in my working days). Thankfully it cleared up.

Finn said...

They didn't even do an EKG? With that family history? Oy.

Sounds like a panic attack to me. My husband had one once and went to the ER. He's been fine ever since. He's a cop and they have a very high incidence of heart disease and he ain't 31 anymore.

Glad he's feeling better and I hope you are feeling better too. Deep breaths. xo

Putz said...

russ slays me, back in his working days, i guess you would call russ retired

Poppy said...

Hang in there... hugs