Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well.... last night was the opening bout for the Sarasota Roller Girls! It was awesome!! We had over 700 people in attendance including roller girls, volunteers, and spectators. I, having a concussion, was off skates and pimping t-shirts and merchandise. It was cool. The merch table had a good view of the track and we could see all the action. We sold a lot of t-shirts last night too! I didn't go to the after party though. By the end of the bout my head was hurting so I hopped on the motorcycle with HHH and we went home.

That's something else I want to mention. I love HHH. Even though I KNOW he didn't want to be at the bout last night he still came to support my thing. I love that about him. Even though I know he has no interest in what I do as a hobby, he still supports me. He supported the pink streaks in my hair, the wild clothes, all of it. And even though he teases me about looking like a street walker, charging people for sex, being a slut, yadda yadda yadda, .... I know he loves me very much. Thank you for putting up with my mid life crisis baby, I love you very much.

Now I have a house to clean, and laundry to do.


Poppy said...

I am happy your bout was so well attended!

I think HHH should dress up in your clothes and have you call him a street walker and see if he thinks that's funny.

Seriously, derby chicks RULE and their outfits say "I'm a badass chick!!!" not "gimme $40 and I'll blow you."

Blondefabulous said...

POPPY: Oooooh! Totally not how I meant that to come off as. HHH and I joke around a lot about stuff. Hell, he used to be a male "entertainer" when he was in the Navy, so it's kind of a running gag with us. He is proud of me and I love him for it!

Sorry for the confusion. ;-)