Monday, March 1, 2010


Today sucked ass. Like really bad, sweaty, stank ass.

It started out good enough. The kids got up and moving on time, we made the ride to school in good enough time, I even got to drop them off a little earlier than normal. Then I drove over to the office and let the ladies in to start the day. I was expecting two new people to show in a half hour to do their paperwork and start work with me. I wait.... and I wait...... and I wait.......

They never showed!

I call the number that we have for them and I leave a message that I am wondering where they are. I get a message back that Oh, One of them is sick and the other "forgot" to call and tell me. WTF?!? I am trying to work something here and these people are totally harshing my mellow when it comes to doing my job!! Frack! I ended up going and doing two houses myself. I did them in record time too! Kiss my ass people. I thought that there was a job shortage. Guess not if people can accept a job offer and not show up. I just don't understand.....

So now I'm really tired, sore, and feel crappy.

Happy Monday!

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