Friday, March 19, 2010


This is Lecherous Leeza. She kicks ass. At Thursday's practice she kicked so much ass she broke her leg in 2 places. That's a lot of ass!!!
Don't tell me Derby isn't a sport. If that up there in the photo can happen just at practice, it's a fucking sport!

Much love to Lisa and her husband Bob. Now we just have to get Hoverround to sponsor us so we can get her a scooter! Redneck Ophelia came up with that idea! I'm all for it!


Nicole said...

Holy ooowww!!! Hope she recover quickly so she can kick some more ass!! And yesssss! hoveround should SOOOO sponsor you guys!!

Poppy said...


Poor LL! I hope she has lotso fantastic drugs to get her through!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, i think i have heard of more girls getting hurt at practice that in a bout