Monday, March 22, 2010

New Week, Same Crap.

So I'm starting a new week, but there are still the same problems. Lack of want to do well on the part of the employees, lack of employees, lack of time for me in the office..... sigh.......

I just want it to go back to the up cycle. Is that so much to ask? We had more client complaints in the last two weeks than the last couple of months. I don't know what it is.... Spring Fever, burn out, whatever, but the girls need to suck it up or I will have to replace them. I can't run a business for my boss with people who are working sub par.

Now I'm off to the crazy woman's house this morning. What would usually take 3 hours is now going to take 4 because the girl who found out she was pregnant has decided to make all her doctor appointments for Mondays so as to avoid this woman. (Even though I asked her not to do that.) That's something else that has been bothering me. Don't complain about not getting enough hours and then try to duck out of or complain about me scheduling jobs for you. I have one team leader who regularly complains that she doesn't have a big enough paycheck, yet on Friday when I had scheduled 4 jobs for her, she first complained about seeing the 4 jobs, (Her day would have ended at 3:30pm, so not a long day), and then she mysteriously had a sitter problem where she would have to leave before the 4th job. Hmmmm..... Really? She didn't think I could put two and two together apparently. I wonder if the fact that it was also payday had something to do with it?

So anyway, the gist of the situation is work is starting to get on my last ever loving nerve. What else is new?

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Russ said...

Yep, you're making me miss the work-a-day world!