Friday, March 5, 2010


It's Friday. I am really glad it's finally the weekend. This past week at work has seemed horrendous. I know things happen in waves when it comes to life, but I am tiring of the highs and lows of my job. Ever since one of the girls found out she was pregnant, things have been topsy turvy. She's called in several times "sick". Sweetie, I hate to tell you this, but it is possible you might be sick every day up to when you have that baby. I can't hold you job for you if you miss 3 out of 5 days a week for 9 months! I am nice, but I have my limits. I worked with each of my children up to almost my due date! Bills won't wait. Jobs can't wait.
Then, finding someone to fill in and take the other position we have open has been a bitch too! There are almost no candidates with viable skills who have experience cleaning. I am getting people who are way over qualified in some other field. I guess you can't be choosy if there are no jobs in your chosen field, but going from business owner, or executive secretary to toilet scrubber is a huge step down and past experience has shown those people don't last. Sigh..... maybe when I get to work today our ad will have garnered a good response.

Saturday will be the skating party for Junior and Morgan. We gave Morgan her roller skates yesterday. I went and got a smaller size at a different store. It will be better for her. They are white and purple with the words Roller Derby across the strap. She's psyched to use them tomorrow.

Sigh..... off to work now.


Russ said...

I think it has just been 'one of those weeks' all the way around.

Daniel said...

is there anyway i could do work like by correspondance, like kids in school who do home school????no i guess it would be hard to do cleaning by correspondance here in my own home for you....don't pooh pooh those who are making career changes into cleaning professions, cleaning is getting to be one of those fields that are in demand>>>i was a professional persoonell rep and yet changed to the cleaning field because i was so good at it