Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Yet?!?

OMG! This week has been so frickin' loooooooooooooong! Not just long but a HUGE pile of suck as well. Between every damn person we have calling in at one time or another and all the shit they have been responsible for being crappy... I haven't had a moments peace! We have had the most complaints these last two weeks than in the last 6 months!! What the hell people? All I know is somebody better get their shit together or there's gonna be a firing storm going on.

In other same old, same old.... The traffic is a God awful nightmare! No one uses their damn turn signals EVER! WTF ?? Is it that damn hard to flick on the switch that tells me you're about to merge your ancient Ford land yacht with my company car? Apparently so. Oh and I saw something today that scared me most of all! I saw a woman who looked to be about 90 or 100, driving an even OLDER woman in the passenger seat, talking on a cell phone, only having one hand on the wheel, driving a Prius. Holy shit, that was an accident waiting to happen! Glad she was going the opposite direction from me! I dunno. Pretty soon the Snow Birds will start leaving. It may mean a decrease in business, but at least my drive times between jobs will get better!

Now, to finish the day and get on to the weekend!!!!

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