Sunday, March 14, 2010

Filling The Tank.

I love Poppy! Even though we have only met in person once, her attitude that comes across on her tweets and her blog constantly amaze me and makes me think. Her attitude towards animals though, is why I love Poppy. Anyone who can love an animal as much a Poppy loves her animals is a great human being hands down. When I tragically lost my baby Toby right before Avitoween 09, Poppy was one of the first ones to see me and offer real words of comfort. At that point in time it was some of the best comfort I had. I have often gauged people by how I see them treat animals. If you meet someone and they treat their dog or someone else's dog like crap, you know that's how they will treat you. Poppy is awesomesauce, no doubt about it! Just ask Twitterbean!

Then there's Kim. The last year has been shit, yet she still keeps moving. Even after living through something I cannot even begin to fathom, she still empathizes with others who have their own troubles. Who does that? Kim does! She is the awesomesauce as well. She was the best roomie at Avitoween. I luvs her!

So there. Those are the tanks I have chosen. Who did you guys pick?


Poppy said...

I appreciate your words. You deserve to be held up when you're having a tough time, and Toby was such a beautiful boy. I am so glad you have Gobo now.

I hope we get to see each other again at another get-together!!!

Kim said...

Thank you my friend !

I know how hard it was to lose Toby, all of us that love our animals eventually have to hurt. We just have to remember all of the love, and that gets us through. : )