Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yeah, HHH thinks I have one. I went down hard at derby practice last night and OMG I bounced my skull off the floor! Now, I had a helmet between me and the floor, but it didn't stop my brain from rattling around in there. HHH made sure I stayed up for a while after I got home and I took some Tylenol before finally going to sleep, but this morning I woke up in pain and nauseous. Yippie! NOT!

This all occurred because I tried to Jam last night. Yep. My big, slow ass tried to be the speed demon and zip through the pack and score. That didn't happen but I did try my hardest. Getting caught up in the pack is how I went down and got hurt. I think I may want to stick to blocking.

OK.... gonna go throw up now.


Christina LMT said...

Be careful, Blondie! Take care of yourself (or let HHH do it...:))

Nicole said...

owch! Be careful laydee...don't work too hard today!

Finn said...

Ouch. Hope you feel better soon!

Putz said...

do you have the same hospiatal coverage that the nfl football players have, where you get a 10 million dollar a year retirement if you get a head injury?????????????????????????????