Friday, March 5, 2010


  • I swear, the next tourist that cuts me off, slows down to 20mph and then laughs at me as I have to slam on my brakes and hit the horn, is going to get the taste slapped out of their mouth! I was driving home from picking up Morgan from Ballet and this idiot from New Hampshire in a red mustang jerks his car in front of me with maybe 1 foot between my front bumper and his rear bumper. I of course, lay on the horn to voice my displeasure at almost being wrecked and the asshole thinks it's funny to slow down to 20mph on a major roadway so I have the possibility of getting rear ended by another car. I was so close to following the guy to where ever he was going and just knocking the shit out of him!! I thought better of it however, because I had my daughter in the car and I want to set the example that violence is best done on the Derby track.
  • I am still trying to find another person for working at the business. I interviewed a Slovakian woman today. She was only looking for part time though, to fit around a second job she has. That won't really work for me. I have to have someone who is flexible yet available. (Heh.... that sounded dirty.) I have 2 more interviews set for Tuesday. We'll see.
  • Thank God for DVR. If we didn't have our DVR, I would be SOL for watching my TV shows and keeping up. Between working late almost every day, and Derby twice a week from 8:46 to 10 pm, I miss a lot of shows. Tops on our DVR list is the CSI shows, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and Wrestling. Bonus is we get to fast forward through all the commercials!
  • Gobo and Fluffy are now really good friends. I guess I didn't realize the depth at which Toby was missed by Fluffy. Ever since we brought Gobo home, Fluffy has been playing with him non stop! I keep fluffy's nails trimmed so he doesn't accidentally hurt Gobo, but they are chasing each other, playing tag, and all kinds of puppy/kitty games. It's beautiful to watch.
  • I am wrung out after this week. I'm going to sleep in alot this weekend, unless the kinky idiots upstairs act up again. They better hope they don't!

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Miss Anarchy said...

Totally agree with the DVR. I could not live without mine. Ever since I first got it, it is the one extra I will not cut back on. It cuts an hour show down to 40 minutes.

As for tourists. I don't know which sucks more, the tourists or the old people. Maybe old tourists??