Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4 Square

I recently started using 4 Square. That's that check in app on the iPhone (and possibly Blackberry) that lets you "check-in" at the different locations you visit during your day. Dunno why I started doing this. I have been resisting Twitter's advances to tell everyone where I am, and Facebook's as well. I was on the side of people who said why tell burglars where you are so they know you're not home?? Yeah.... well, HHH practically works at home, so I think we're safe.

Now to just figure out how to become Mayor of my office!


Jill said...

I'll check out 4 square - Twitter isn't as amusing as I thought at first.

Putz said...

just announcing that you are mayor is enough, just say it and it is done

Poppy said...

It was nice to know my pizza was on its way home to me tonight because Dawg checked into 4square. (It was also nice to know HE was on his way home to me. :)