Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, made it through another practice tonight. I was a little slow, but I was chalking that up to having a sinus full of dust from a house I went to and cleaned. See, we have this customer who I've cleaned their house ever since I started working here. They were just an occasional customer but this past summer the husband said if I was the one to come and supervise the clean he'd schedule regularly. So I said OK and got them scheduled. The weird thing is they may own a house, but they sure don't know how to take care of it! I have been there and seen black mold in their sinks, leaks in their plumbing, and today I found out they didn't have a filter on their inside air intake! It was so caked in dust and grime it rained dust bunnies down on me when I opened it up! I got the husband and showed him the vents and the amount of crap that was in his duct work and he was nodding saying he thought his allergies were acting up every time his air conditioner turned on! I told him no wonder!!! Then I suggested he get estimates for duct cleaning. So now I have a stuffy head and a grateful customer. Whee. One of these days I'll learn to quit while I'm ahead.
Now I am ready for the weekend. I'm tired, sore from derby, and if things go my way I'm gonna see Mardi Gras and KC and the Sunshine band on Saturday! If things REALLY go my way I will be seeing KC with the amazing and lovely CissaFireheart and her girls!! I am psyched. I wish HHH could go, but he's on call. Boo, hiss!! Anyway, we'll see. Now it's time for bed. I am beat and this week has kicked my ass! Goodnight all!

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Putz said...

if you ould handle my airfare i would come and work for you and show you cleanliness at the max