Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Hell No!

You guys remember the crazy bitch right? The client I have to personally clean every other Monday because she is freakin' insane and no on e else will put up with her bullshit? Yeah.... that bitch. Today she went too far.

She put her hands on me.

I'm not talking a tap on the shoulder or a bump.... she grabbed my upper arm and hauled me over to look at something!!! HARD!!!! It took every thing I had not to slap the taste out of her mouth! I smiled and nodded and did my damnedest to try and listen to what she was saying. Inside I was seething. It's bad enough she accuses us of lying, sloth, and incompetence..... the hell I'm going to go back to that place again without letting her know I wasn't amused with the little game she was playing. Fuck that!

I got back to the office and told Boss Lady about it. Boss Lady was amazed at first, then said I should have let the crazy bitch know that wasn't cool right away. I told Boss Lady I wanted to let her know what had happened first before I took action. I didn't want to be accused of over reacting. I may be very hard pressed to go back to that woman's home. I'll be damned if I'll let her touch me again in any way, shape, or form. That goes the same for any of my people. She does it again and I don't care what state of disarray her condo is in. I will pack up my stuff and my girls and tell her to have a nice life.... WE QUIT! I should have done that today, but I wanted to step back and take deep breaths first. You know, cooler heads prevailing and all that.

All I know for sure is she is gonna get hip checked the next time she touches me, courtesy of Blondefabulous, #11 of the SRG!

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