Friday, February 12, 2010


I don't feel good. I haven't done anything to feel bad. I have avoided gluten, been eating good food, getting exercise, and almost getting enough sleep. I shouldn't feel like crap right about now. Now, Junior has been ill, but he's been home from school for the last 3 days( I don't send sick kids to school!) But I haven't been too close to him. I've had to work. I have been racking my brain and going nuts trying to think of why I feel icky, then it hit me......

Sunday is Valentine's Day.

I have a beautiful dress...... two of them in fact so I can choose what ever one I want t wear. We have reservations at a fine restaurant. We have plans to go see "When In Rome" at the movie theater. Of course I am feeling like crap. I can't believe I actually thought plans would go off without a hitch. I try never to make plans. More often than not they never go through. Usually something happens or something comes up. Very rarely does it go exactly as planned. My life is just like that. So I imagine on Sunday, I am going to wake up with a raging head cold and a Rudolph red nose or something like that. It's just my luck.


Also happening here at the Blondefabulous household, Rebecca went to a dance at school tonight. The whole time she was getting ready, HHH and I were hazing her as only parents can. I was threatening to drive her up to the school in a bathrobe and curlers and even walk her to the door! HHH was hiking his pants waist band up to his nipples and had a half shirt on and was teasing her that he wanted to go to the dance as a chaperon! She was almost in tears by the time it was time to leave for the dance. We were nice and dressed normally, but it was still hi-lar-ious. I find that I am enjoying razzing my newly minted teenager.

OK.... going to go relax now. Hopefully I can feel better so I don't tank this weekend.


Alexandria said...

you know that happens to me alot, everytime I put alot of effort into something it never goes the way I imagined it, But in your sake I hope you still have a great V-day!!

Putz said...

i am really sorry that you feel like crap for your sweethearts day tommorrow, beigh diabetic i am feeling high on sugar in my bllod and don't dare take the reading, haven't done anything naughty, that would be eat sugar to me not things immoral, blondie,but your gluten could be your problem, like sugar is my problem